Monday, December 21, 2009

4 days til it possible? Usually the Christmas season DRAGS for me...not so this year....we seem to have raced through Thanksgiving and are landing on Christmas while I am still trying to catch my breath! I'm excited about the holiday, I know it holds many memories and laughter. At the same time, there is a tinge of sadness as another year passes. I must admit that I am terribly excited for the new year, mostly, because each day that passes gets us one day closer to meeting Liam. I am the most impatient person ever and this 40 week pregnancy thing is overrated :) He moves more and more each day and I cannot wait to meet him! A few of my girlfriends have just found out that they are expecting as well and I think it's so much fun to go through pregnancy with others. Other people to moan and whine to :)

We had our first Christmas concert on our new church this past Sunday. Matt, Molli and Syd all had solo parts and Emma was in the choir. I was so proud watching Molli and Matt sing and Sydney say her long line as the Angel of the Lord. (Most of you I have as friends on Facebook, you can catch the videos there!) It was truly a blessed morning, made even more special by friends and family that came to watch!

I'm hoping the week hurries as now that I've written about Christmas, I really can't wait!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well I hoped for a white Christmas...little did I know what would come! Oh boy! We've been stranded since yesterday morning. Matt barely got out and went to work and I was a wreck all day worrying about him out on the roads. West Michigan basically shut down! The good news is that my sister and her husband made it from California!!! I cannot wait to spend the week with her, trade lots of pregnancy advice, lots of pics and hugs to last us till next summer!

We are FINALLY done with a three week stint of pink eye. My brother infected the kids and then it morphed into this whole eye infection thing. Jonah and Sydney had it the worst and missed three days of school!!! UGH. Thankfully we have crossed over to the land of white eyes again! This has been a rough fall of sickness.....yuck! Hopefully we are over it now.

I am getting bigger every day. Liam's kicks are getting stronger although the kids haven't been able to feel him yet. I keep promising them that he is there! The medication I am on for my diabetes seems to be working very well, although I'm tired of poking my finger 4 times a day. But, if it means that Liam will be born healthy, then it's worth it! I've gotten some gorgeous outfits as gifts from my friends and we've chosen the one big purchase we are making for this baby....a travel system! I've never had one, always had younger kids that needed to be contained. But now that everyone is older, I'm thinking the stroller/car combo would be awesome! After the holidays, we'll begin buying diapers and stocking up :)

Christmas is right around the corner and I'm cautiously getting excited. This year will be very different and I don't usually do well when my traditions are messed with. But my dad has to work all day Christmas day so some changes are needed. One of the things I am excited about is that we are going to the nursing home my aunt works at and doing a Christmas program for the residents. Jonah and Matt are going to play their trombones, the girls are going to read scripture, and we're going to sing Christmas carols. I think it will be so great for the kids to realize that Christmas is about more than just our little family bubble!

Well it's time to turn up the heat again...brrr!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

I thought for sure I'd have time to update my blog over Thanksgiving, but I guess not :) We weren't terribly busy or even traveling, but the time to sit and update sort of flew over my head.

So our big news is that we are having a BOY!!! We are just delighted, even though we would have bee equally delighted with a girl. It's just nice that now it will be even, three boys, three girls. Jonah was BEYOND excited...jumping up and down and yelling in the ultrasound room and everything! Priceless! The girls are excited too...I don't think they really cared much to begin with! Liam Joshua is the name we've chosen. My brother Josh is extremely happy with our choice of middle name, surprise, surprise. We've gotten our first batch of baby boy blue clothes (thanks Aunt Robin!!!) and are anxious to meet our little Liam.

Thanksgiving was good. My grandparents from New York were here which was fun, we haven't had a holiday with them for as long as I can remember! The table was packed with people and food. It was a blessed day! We got to spend some time with Matt's family as well a few days after Thanksgiving and that was great fun too. Christmas is quickly approaching and I'm in awe of our calendar as the days fill up with concerts, parties, and visits. I'm giddy with excitement over my sister's visit in a few weeks. I'll be posting prego pics of the two of us side by side!! I'm sure she'll be bigger than me.... :) Lots to look forward to this season. And I don't even mind that we don't have snow!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I won't bother apologizing for my lack of blogging. Life is moving on, some days faster than others, truth be told. It's hard to imagine that Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow and that in 6 days we'll know what we are having. Most people think we're having a boy, but we'll see next week. I'm anxious to put a gender to this baby and therefore, a name. We have names picked out but we'll reveal those next week when we know for sure who this is. I'm feeling pretty well, I'm starting to show in earnest now. I've felt the first small stirrings down there and Matt felt him moving for the first time last night. I'm starting to get excited about having a new little one!

This week is insanely busy here. Friday night I am going to see New Moon with my mom. Just writing that sentence makes me laugh out loud. She scoffed at Twilight for the longest time and is now obsessed with Edward (not too tough!) So we will join the throngs of women who will flock on opening night to see the next chapter. *happy sigh* Then I leave early Saturday morning for an all day shopping trip with my ladies group from church. We're headed to Grand Rapids to shop all day. I'm so excited about it! Then, Sunday afternoon, the Waltons are headed to Lansing to see The Christmas Carol in the IMAX. So a very full weekend. But exciting!

Other exciting news, my sister is coming home! We weren't sure that we would get to see her at all before she wasn't allowed to fly. But they found some time to come and that means we get to have a baby shower! I'm so thrilled to celebrate with her on the birth of her first baby. It's so cool when your siblings get to experience the thrill of pregnancy and becoming parents. I have big plans for the shower and can't wait to just sit and talk with her in the same room!! The only downside about this pregnancy is that I won't be able to travel to see her and the baby till much later. We are due only weeks apart from each other. :( But hopefully we'll be able to be together soon after that so I can meet my nephew!

Well I need to make shopping lists for Thanksgiving and get something productive done today :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

So it looks like weekly blogging will be the best I can do for now :) After all, my life just isn't that exciting!

Football is finally over. Jonah's team finished their season on Saturday with a big 19-0 win! It was a chilly day so I'm relieved to be done sitting outside for two hours every Saturday. Also, looking at this week with NO practices on three evenings is exciting! Family time is back. Of course, tomorrow night is my first night with my Daisy scouts. I'm excited to meet them and get our troop going. I'm hoping to be a good leader, I guess time will tell.

Pregnancy is plodding along. April seems like an eternity away. But I am relieved to be past 12 weeks and I have my energy back. Well, mostly. I am trying to catch up to life that was put on hold. I'm still looking for the girl's many pairs of socks...I think the mice have eaten them all!!

Events coming up in our household.....Thomas starts preschool in two weeks. I am nervous for this transition for him...I'm really praying it goes well. He seems excited about it, but I'm not really sure he knows that it means me leaving him there!!! Here's hoping it is awesome for him. A shopping day with a really great friend....our church is taking a group of ladies to Great Lakes Crossing for a Christmas shopping trip in November and my good friend is coming as well!!! A whole day with grownups! Of course we are in full swing for Halloween as well. We have some interesting choices this year....Jonah is going as a mobster, complete with a pin striped suit, red carnation and spats on his shoes! Molli is a ninja...don't ask, I have NO idea! Emma and Sydney are going as poodles. I am making these costumes..cross your fingers!! Thomas is a dragon, an adorable dragon at that. So quite the crew....I'm already cringing at the amount of candy that I know will come home that night....

Matt is home on vacation this week and I'm finding it very hard to get things done when he is here....I just want to hang out. But alas, there is work to be done. (I'm even trying to convince him to do a small painting project this week!!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

What a crazy, fun-filled weekend we had! Friday morning, the only thing that got me out of bed to get the kids to school was knowing that I could sleep in on Saturday morning. NOT! I had to be up, dressed nicely and driving to Kalamazoo by 8 AM. UGH. Why,you ask? Well.....I went to a meeting at the girl's school to sign Emma up for Brownies. There were 6 little kindergarten girls there who all wanted to be Daisies, but alas there was no leader for a Daisy troop. I couldn't' stand the looks on their little faces when their parents were telling them that they would have to wait to be girl scouts. So I stepped up to the plate and volunteered to be the troop leader. I naively thought it would just be this simple little thing, NOT!!! Tons of paperwork, reference forms, training sessions...oh my. But, as of noon on Saturday, I am a certified Daisy troop leader! Now all the fun stuff starts, calling parents, setting up our meeting times and planning meetings. I think I get off pretty easy though, because at age 5, pretty much anything you do, they think is awesome! I'll keep you posted on that!

So that was Saturday morning. I rushed back from Kalamazoo to make it in time for Jonah's football game which they won!!! Go Tigercats! It was a gorgeous day to sit and watch football. And Jonah is so handsome in his uniform!!

After the game, we came home and packed up a few things and took off for an impromptu overnight in Howell. Sunday was Matt's grandma's 90th birthday party so we went a little early for some family fun. My kids think there is NOTHING cooler than sleeping in a hotel. So we swam and laughed and ate and swam. It was so fun.

Then, Sunday afternoon we headed to celebrate with Great Grandma. Besides being ungodly hot in the nursing home, we had a great time! The kids caught up with cousins and second cousins and we got to have cake. Doesn't get any better than that.

Getting everyone up and moving this morning was a bit of a challenge, but the big kids are gone and Thomas just asked if we could stay in our pajamas today. Of course we can :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I've been a VERY bad blogger. But there is a that I am now able to share :)

Yes, indeed we are having a baby. Yes, this is number 6. Yes, we are excited. Yes, the kids are beyond excited. No, we are not crazy. Well....yet anyway :)

I had a miscarriage in May and, after that happened, Matt and I decided that we were done. He made phone calls to the "man doctor" and everything. And then, lo and behold, this little one appeared. Ok, he didn't just appear, and yes, Grandma, we DO know how this works :) I have been beyond exhausted which is one reason for my failure to blog. And we wanted to keep it to ourselves, selfishly, for a little while. But we decided that we would like to share the news with you all. We are 12.5 weeks along...and as you can see in the ultrasound pic, this little one is a gymnast! The kids are excited, the girls are praying for a girl, while Jonah has informed us that, if it is a girl, he is putting himself up for adoption. :) I'm starting to pull out of the "too tired to even get dressed" phase so there will be more updates and news. But, just writing this has left me needing a nap...zzzzzzz......

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My blog has been silent for a few weeks. I didn't blog for fear that my awfulness would come out. I have been awful these last few weeks. It has been a tough time for us as a family as well. Despite our best efforts, we were driving each other mad. And I found myself losing my patience so quickly and just being a yucky mom. So that is why there have been no words here.

But today, a fresh wind blew and not a moment too soon, the big bus came and the kids are off to school. My four oldest are in school all day this year. It will be odd, I must admit, to have just one home. It's been a LONG time since I was home with just one child all year! The kids were EXCITED about school, even Jonah which confirms the disastrous-ness of the last few weeks! So here they are, on their first morning....

Doesn't Sydney look happy??? She was so excited to go to school with the big kids, in the morning. And,even though I have been praying for this day, I got misty eyed as they left, knowing that another year of their young lives has come.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm sad to report that I have not been a good blogger lately. The summer is DRAGGING on....I can hardly believe we still have 13 days till school starts. The kids are at each other's throats despite my best attempts at creative things to do. I find myself lethargic and tired. UGH. ROUTINE WHERE ARE YOU????

To make matters worse, I turn 30 on Friday. I guess it's not really a big deal, I've waited my whole life to be thirty. I was somehow convinced that once I hit that magical age, I'd feel like a grown up. I'm not sure that is going to happen. One bright spot amidst this darkness has been my birthday gift from my husband.....

I am delighted with my new Blackberry. I've spent HOURS playing with it, only after the children are in bed of course. I'm in love with texting on the keyboard and having access to everything when I am away from home. I'm just giddy over it, isn't that silly?

So all in all, life goes one....very slowly, but it is going on. Just wanted you all to know :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FOR TODAY August 18th, 2009…

Outside My Window…
the sun is out! It rained ALL day yesterday so I'm grateful for a day that the kids can play outside!!
I am thinking… how much I am waiting for a phone call!

I am thankful for… my children and how they make me laugh at just the right moments!

From the bedrooms.....the kids are split up in different rooms with different play games going on, wishing I was napping my room :)

From the kitchen…oh how I wish I had a chef....but alas, no such luck. Tonight we are having chicken legs and Julienne potatoes
I am wearing…stretchy capris with a cotton top, hair in ponytail and barefeet, of course!

I am creating...creating??!! Who has time?

I am going…
to hang towels and sheets on the line

I am reading…
nothing right now, we need to go to the library

I am hoping…
that I get the phone call I want today!!

I am hearing… birds chirping, Thomas playing dinosaurs with Jonah, Emma talking to Opee, and Spongebob

Around the house… I am trying to find things to sell in my mom's garage sale. I DESPISE garage sales, but it does help clear out the junk!

One of my favorite things… is that Matt has weekends off now, it really has changed our lives...I love it!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: various Dr. and dentist appointments, trying to get everyone in before school!
Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Jonah playing football, I LOVE it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is moving on....the girls are at camp this week and loving it! I am loving the break in the constant fighting....aaahhh! Jonah is loving football, he's going to be a defensive man I'm sure!!! Pictures to come, if I can take some without humiliating him!

Today, as I was driving the girls to camp, we came to stop light in town. AS we waited for the light to turn green, a truck pulled up next to our van. I glanced over and was HORRIFIED to see a graphic picture of an aborted baby. It sucked my breath away. As I was trying to regroup, the truck turned and there were about 20 people all holding signs with various GRAPHIC pictures of aborted babies, protesting abortion. I starting yelling at the kids to quick close their eyes, but of course they all got glimpses before they got their eyes closed. So after we were through the intersection and they were allowed to open their eyes again, they began with the questions..."Mom, what WAS that??" Into the conversation of abortion we went. The girls were horrified that such a thing was possible. Emma's eyes filled with tears as she asked, "Mom why would someone kill their baby?" AHHHHHHH! We talked about it for a little while longer as I was trying to tell them that, while we don't think abortion is ok, that God loves people who have them. Now those images are burned into their little brains and I am upset that they saw those things. I understand that those people want people to know that abortion is wrong, but isn't' there a line of appropriateness???? My young children should NOT have seen those images. Am I in left field about this, or do you think that what happened was WRONG????

Saturday, August 08, 2009

What a whirlwind the last three weeks have been! First Mancelona Camp, then home to family arriving from all over, my sister getting married remarried, then a week full of sun, fun, and family. So many great memories and so many pictures to share. I'm working on a slide show that I'll post tomorrow...but I'll hit the highlights for you....

- All ten cousins being together...they are a crazy bunch, to be sure. They are all almost the same ages which causes trouble sometimes. But they adore each other. My kids (even tough man Jonah) cried when they left!

- Being with all of my siblings. With my sister and her husband moving to California, the times of all five of us being together gets smaller and smaller. It was so fantastic to be together!

- Getting all dolled up for the wedding, including getting my hair done!

- Watching my baby sister get married.....again :)

- Finding out that my baby sister is having a baby!!!!

- The Father/ Daughter dance, I wept like a baby watching my daddy and my sister dance to "Cinderella". Making me tear up now too....

- Watching the family tear up the dance was hilarious!

- Going to South Haven with my parents, and Tigger and his family. The weather was perfect, there were waves for the kids, and we had a great day!

And now, family time is over which makes me very sad. It's hard to believe that it will most likely be another year before I see my nieces and nephews again. It's hard living far from family.

This coming week promises to be fun however, as my girls head to "Nature Camp" and Jonah starts football (which is a whole other post in itself!). Pictures to come soon!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

My blog is resting...because of this

and this....

My baby sister got married and ALL of us are in town. There are 21 of us in total....22 if you count the new baby that is due in April. So I am very busy loving on my nieces and nephews and spending time with my siblings...catch ya on the flip side :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

We are home from camp!!! There are a million loads of laundry to do and a house to clean but I wanted to finish my kid posts!

This is Thomas Michael...
Thomas is...

2 years and 10 months old
will be going to preschool in the fall
can sing all of "Dancing Queen" by Abba
Can't sing ABC's :)
loves to dance
loves Matchbox cars and monster trucks
loves to take baths
hates being "bossed" by Sydney
loves to swim
is terrified of people in animal costumes
hates carousels
loves to be outside
discovered he LOVES camping
could swing in a swing for HOURS
prefers dogs to cats
thinks Jonah is the coolest person ever
loves brushing his teeth
has the best smile
my cuddle bug
tolerates being dressed up by his big sisters
likes to have his picture taken
FINALLY uses the potty for everything!
loves his big boy unders
and is my sweet baby boy!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Camp is almost here! I am doing lots of laundry, packing, repacking, making lists....oh boy. But I didn't want to neglect my fourth born, she gets enough of that :) So here she is...

This is Sydney Diane.

is 5 years and 4 months old
will be an all day kindergartner in the fall
sucks her finger still
has the best smile
has no fear
talks VERY loudly :)
is pretty rough with her siblings
donated her gorgeous curls to Locks of Love
still loves all things Dora
loves to swim
hates time out
eats very little meat
needs LOTS of sleep to be decent
can ride a two wheeler very well
loves wearing sandals
likes to change her clothes, frequently
likes to hug
is clingy to me
is well liked by mosquitoes :)
like to play any make believe game as long as her name is Mermaidia :)
LOVES High School Musical
renames her stuffed animals daily
today her two favorite are Troy and Gabriella
loves to sing
loves to play the Wii
is learning things on the computer as fast as I am
is my Boo, forever and always :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I've been away from blogging for a while. Noah was with us for a few days while my mom and dad were away. We slept out in the camper which is always fun. Plus it's been nice and cool in the evening which makes it that much more comfortable. The countdown for camp has begun, the kids are so excited to go up north and make lots of new friends. I can't wait to reconnect with some old friends and have my kids experience the camp of my youth!! 9 days :)

And now, my next child....

This is Emma Jane
Emma is....

7 years and 3 months old
will be a second grader in the fall
LOVES to read, every time I turn around her nose is in a book!!
has a very "grown up" mind
says the FUNNIEST stuff
has an interesting taste in clothing
has quite the temper
is the best diver amongst my kids
has a great imagination
likes to play on her own
is a devoted friend
has the best laugh
teeters back and forth between tomboy and girly girl
is not the most patient girl :)
is very affectionate
HATES doing the dishes
loves having her hair brushed (NOT!!!)
can't wait to be a second grader
cares deeply about taking care of our planet
loves to ride her bike
answers to my nickname for her "Emma Fred" :)
She cracks me up!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

And now for my second born (just a sidenote on this picture: This is her dress for my sister's wedding. I am allowing her to "grow out" her's already driving me NUTS!! Ok, I'm done now...moving on...)


is 8 years and 7 months old
will be a third grader in the fall
is the oldest girl in our family
she knows it :)
is the most like me, physically and otherwise
is very bossy and controlling
is a born leader
can really sing
wants to be a singer, artist, movie star and ballerina when she grows up
is VERY determined, sometimes to her detriment
is an awesome student
reads at a 6th grade level
is extremely dramatic
tends to be a follower if she's around another girl (who shall remain nameless)
is very perceptive of her world
gets insanely tan in the summer
swims like a fish
dives like a pro
is almost ready to wear a bra (AAAAAHHHHHHH!)
loves to write in her journals
loves to dress up
wants to wear high heels
has a great smile
and she makes me laugh...she's my Molli bug. :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In honor of summer and the fact that my children are home 24/7, I've decided to do a post on each child individually. Tell you all about them right now. And if that's too boring for you...well then don't come and read it :)

I'll start with my firstborn. Jonah.

is 10 years and 5 months old
finally has short hair after an endured season of long hair
is so athletic, he can pick up any sport fast (much to his father's dismay)
is going to be a 5th grader this fall (lord, help me!)
is incredibly handsome
is so good with his little brother, not so much with the sisters :)
has the biggest heart for animals
He wants to be a vet when he grows up
is very sensitive to how other people are feeling, again, not so much with the sisters
kisses me goodbye every time he goes somewhere
HATES reading
loves science
is quite an imaginative drawer
like to play with his "guys" still
REALLY wants a Nintendo DS for Christmas
(he's getting one) :)
is nosy and always wants to know what's going on
yells...a lot
can sing....I love to hear him sing
gets told that he should be a model
likes the house clean
hates to make it clean :)
truly wants other people to be happy

Which makes me a very happy mom. I love this kid.

Monday, June 22, 2009

SUN, GLORIOUS SUN!!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I don't handle hot weather very well. But I do LOVE the sun. And we have had a very wet, cool June so this sweep of sun and warmth is very welcome. We spent the WHOLE weekend in the sun at the pool. It was wonderful!

We had fun celebrating our dads too. Matt took an early morning bike ride with Jonah, father and son :) That gave the girls and I the chance to make breakfast and cards. Then it was off to church and then off to Mom's where we celebrated Matt and my dad. Lots of swimming and steak eating. A perfect day, minus the moments of whining and time outs :)

Another summer week begins and here I sit, trying to find things to keep us busy. Wednesday is Matt's day off and we are heading to Lake Michigan for the day. The kids are excited about the "ocean" which we have to keep reminding them is just a big lake :) They don't care!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer is trudging on in the Kurtz home. We've finally had some warmer weather so being able to send the kids outside to play has been a blessing. And I am always grateful for Grandma's pool. I'm going to get a lot of reading done this summer :)

I have been debating whether or not to blog about this, but I really feel like I need to write it down for myself. It's just a bonus that you all can read it as well :)

Before the purchase of our HUGE blessing, the BIG van as the kids call it, Matt and I sat down to really talk through our finances. Now I will come right out and admit that this is a HUGE area of struggle for me. I love to buy things. Love it. I love walking into a store and buying things, not for me but for my kids, Matt, or whoever. I also love to eat out. It's oh so easy to not grocery shop and pull into a McDonald's for dinner.Because of these behaviors and others, we have struggled financially for most of our married lives. Our credit is atrocious and we are completely to blame. We've had many people come along side of us and help us, but it wasn't until recently that I realized that, if I didn't change my heart and my actions, things would never change. I wish I could say that I was miraculously healed of wasteful spending. That is NOT the case. But I am committed to submitting to my husband, to living on a budget, and to saving money. I will not pretend that this will be easy. It will NOT. But I believe that God has called me to obedience, to surrender, and to submission.

The biggest part of this is tithing. We have not tithed regularly, ever. And I have been hot over the head recently that this is a sin. Everything we have is God's. That includes every penny of our money. And by not tithing, I am robbing God. Robbing Him. God forgive me. It just always seemed that we needed that money for groceries or gas. But it was all just an excuse. This Sunday, I was reminded that God doesn't need my dollars, He needs and wants my submission and my obedience. I need to tithe because He told me to. Because it's part of my worship to Him. That I could put money in the plate every week, but if my heart was hard, that it wouldn't matter. And that I cannot tithe with the expectation that if I give Him money, He's going to give me something. I need to lay my offering at His feet, even if nothing else happens, I'll know that I obeyed and worshipped my Savior. This has been huge for me. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it, but I will tell you that this Sunday, I was shaking with the excitement of placing our offering in the plate. Who knew being obedient could feel so right? :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 1 of summer break started VERY early....I was WIDE awake at 10 minutes to 6...I looked toward heaven and asked God why on EARTH I was awake? He just smiled. The kids bounded out of bed at 6:30, no sleeping in the first day or anything. They were excited to explore and play and head to the playground for a picnic. Till we took a look at the very gray sky and the very wet ground. It appeared our first day would be an indoor one. It actually went very well. The kids were forced encouraged to help with some cleaning around the house which was very nice. I'm starting to work on summer chore lists.....that will go over REALLY well :)

Our van continues to be glorious. We all went and picked up Noah for a sleepover tonight and we ALL FIT!! Legally! In seat belts!! God is GOOD!!!

We are still trying to plan out our summer so as to make the most of it. I really want this to be a great summer. Camping next week will be a blast! We scrubbed, and I mean scrubbed, the camper down on Wednesday. It was great fun, till Molli fell off of the top of the camper. The camper wasn't open; she and Sydney were on the closed top scrubbing it down, but she managed to cut her leg and get some great bruises. She was up and throwing water at us in fairly short order so I think she'll live :)

And now off to bed I 1 complete!

Monday, June 08, 2009

What's new in the Kurtz house....hmmm, where should I begin? How about here.....

Meet the newest member of the Kurtz family!! It's a 12 passenger van! It is so beautiful and I am still in awe that it's ours!!! Now all of our kids fit with room to spare, we can transport my brother legally, and we only have to take one vehicle when the kids have friends over. It's a huge blessing and I am so excited about it!!!

Only a day and a half left in school year...doesn't seem quite possible that the year has come and gone. Yet here we are on the brink of summer vacation. What's even scarier is that, come fall, I'll have a 5th grader, a third grader, a 2nd grader, and a full day kindergartner. Plus I hope to have Thomas in a two morning a week program. Wow.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I was tagged by my beautiful friend . So the rules are that I have to tag the person who tagged me, complete a list or 8, and then tag 8 other people (and let them know I tagged them). So here goes:

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. Swimming every day
2. Connecting with new friends
3. My brother and his family coming to visit
4. Friday night bonfires
5. Camping!!!
6. Firefly catching
7. Being able to stop using my dryer completely
8. Not having to get out of bed by 6:30!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. laundry
2. Checked Facebook
3. dishes
4. Ate Subway
5. Finished my Jodi Piccoult book
6. Redid our budget with Matt
7. Made out our camping meal plan and grocery list
8. Weeded my strawberry patch

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Wake up tomorrow and be a size 12
2. Financially support my family
3. Go on a cruise again with Matt
4. Take our family to Disney World
5. Rewind time
6.Make my children stop growing
7. Pilates
8. Cook like any of the Food Network people!!!

8 Shows I Watch:

1. Lost
2. Fringe
3. American Idol
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Private Practice
6. Say Yes to the Dress
7. So You Think You Can Dance
8. The Closer

8 Favorite Fruit:

1. Cherries (fresh)
2. bananas
3. strawberries
4. blueberries
5. blackberries
6. pears
7. plums
8. peaches

8 Places I'd Like to Travel:

1. Williamsburg (well I've been but Matt and the kids haven't!)
2. France
3. Ireland
4. Australia
5. Colorado
6. Hawaii
7. Alaska
8. Prince Edward Island
9. New Zealand

8 Places I've Lived:

1. Brockport, New York
2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3. South Lyon, Michigan
4. Mancelona, Michigan
5. Grand Rapids, Michigan
6. Wixom, Michigan
7. Milford, Nebraska
8. Battle Creek, Michigan

8 People I've Tagged:

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And I'm fresh out of people to tag :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Did you ever have one of those days where you wish you could just rewind it and start all over?? That was my day today...

I had a WIC appointment this morning. So after the big kids got on the bus, I quick got Thomas and Syd ready. We loaded up into the van and the van was dead. Lovely. So I quick made a call and asked someone to come and jump the van. They showed up and, low and behold, no jumper cables. Now I'm started to lose it. She wonderfully offered to take us to the appointment and then stop and get the cables on the way back. Then my appointment took forever! Golly, I sure wish they could come up with a simpler and quicker way to get in and out of there! But we lived and got the van running and life was good. Till we went to WalMart. I had to get 2 things....2. Thomas and Syd were at each other's throats and screaming and pulling hair and it was not pretty. I left without the 2 things that I needed and drove home crying.

Now they are both napping and I am eating chocolate. The day is looking a little brighter already :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

9 days. That's all. 9 days of school left It seems like it was just yesterday that I took this......

It sure is bittersweet. I will be glad of the release of schedule and be able to have more freedom. Yet I cringe to lose the structure and schedule of it. We are already getting glimpses of what could be if we don't keep busy this summer. Lord, give me patience :)

And I need some input. We leave for camping just days after the kids get out of school and I need some help thinking of good camping meals. I usually pick things that are WAY impractical for the simplicity of camping. So any ideas? What do you guys take and make during camping trips??

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I will attempt to keep myself in check while posting this, although there are no promises that that will actually happen. But I will try.

My little boy got his heart broken. Not Thomas, thankfully he is still blissfully unaware of the opposite sex. I mean my BIG little boy. And all of the drama has left me a little LOT angry. Here's what happened....

Last year was our kid's first year in a new school district. Jonah was entering the third grade and was mad as a hornet that we had moved and hence, he had to switch schools. He's rather shy, my Jonah. Anyway, from the first day f school till the last, he had a crush. She was the prettiest girl in the third grade and ALL the boys liked her. I knew Jonah was smitten just by the way he said her name. I braced myself for this and all was well. Well, at the beginning of this his fourth grade year, I was informed that this girl had chosen my son as her "boyfriend". After I woke up from my fainting spell, I sat down with my son to inquire just what this meant. He was very forthcoming with the facts, which were that being her boyfriend meant nothing. They simply play at recess, with 4 other kids. I was very content with this arrangement. At Christmas, he asked if he could use some of his money and get her a gift and I complied. It was all very cute and innocent. Now fast forward to last night..........

There are a lot of kids in Jonah's school that have their own cell phones. Now, my position on this is that I think it is RIDICULOUS for 1o year old children to have cell phones, STUPID even. If you are reading this, and your young child has their own cell phone, that is YOUR decision. But my children will NOT have cell phones until they are in high school. PERIOD. So my cell phone rang and a sweet, young girl's voice asked if Jonah was home. After I woke up again from yet another fainting spell, I passed the phone to Jonah. The conversation went like this: "Um no." "Well, she is lying." "No." "Ok, bye." He handed me back my cell and walked away. I followed him and asked what was up. He replied, "That was her. She wanted to know if I cheated on her with another girl." He shrugged and walked away. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Did we step into a black hole and somehow land in a parallel universe??? These are 10 YEAR OLDS!!!!! I was shocked, to say the very least. But it gets worse.

Jonah is in bed by 8 on school nights. At 8:05 my cell phone rings again and another girl's voice asks for Jonah. I snuck into his bedroom to see if he was still awake, of course he was :) I handed him the phone and stood and watched him have a conversation that lasted 5 minutes. After it was over, he was very quiet. I asked what was going on. He told me that the call was actually a three way call between his "girlfriend" and two other of her friends. And that she was calling to inform him that she was dumping him for someone else. I could tell that Jonah was not ok with this. I held his hand for a minute, kissed him goodnight, and left his room.

After sitting down for a few minutes, I got very angry. First of all, three way calling???!!! I didn't even do that until late high school!! And I sure as heck didn't do it on a cell phone. And what is with all this boy/girl DRAMA???? How ridiculous is it that this is happening in the fourth grade??? Poor Jonah, is just heartbroken. Does anyone else but me think this is just STUPID?????

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's official. Summer is here. The camper is up and has been slept in. Smores have been made and eaten. Swimming is happening on a daily basis. Corn on the cob has been purchased. And at least one of us has gotten sunburned :) Bring it on!

Last night, we all slept in the camper. This summer is different and another chapter for us as Thomas is not in the Pack and Play. He gets to sleep on one of the big kid beds. It took him a while to settle down, but then he slept great. It was so awesome to snuggle with Matt while listening to the kids giggle and whisper to each other. It made me remember how much I love camping, it just means we get to be together.

Today we are celebrating my brother. My baby brother, Joshie, is 22. 22!!!!!!!!!!! Golly, I still think he is 12. He is an amazing guy, I am so glad he is my brother.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time for an update post, although I keep looking at the pics of Jonah below and LOVING them!! Now if I could just get him to shower more than once every two weeks.....

I am going to vent about a pet peeve of mine. :) Because it's my blog and I can. So there.

A few weeks ago, I read the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. He also authored The Davinci Code. I loved Angels and Demons. Thought provoking, easy reading and an enjoyable tale. I also knew the movie was coming out and wanted to read it before I saw the film. My mother did the same, so as part of her Mother's Day gift, I gave her tickets to the movie opening night. And we went. And it STANK! Only about 20% of the book made it into the movie! They changed to story line, changed people's names....UGH!!!! Why do they do this??? I have similar experiences with other books turned movies....the Love Comes Softly series...they were my FAVORITE books when I was growing up and the movies are HORRIBLE!!! I just cannot imagine how an author can allow screen writers to change their work so drastically. But then I guess maybe my hopes are just too high.

There is an exception to this, however. Well two exceptions. The first is the Bridge to Terabithia. My mom read this to us when we were little and I loved the story. I boycotted the movie for fear that it too would end up the same, ruined for me in film version. But the movie was lovely, and very close to the book and I enjoyed it immensely. The other is Twilight. I refused to see the movie for the longest time because I knew (from various sources, thank you Misty!) that there were differences from the book. And also because I just had this perfect picture in my head of Edward, Bella and the Cullens and I was sure the actors would ruin those pictures. But here's what happened, I LOVED the movie! Not because of the book, though. I love them separately, if that makes sense. I treated the movie as if I'd never read the book, and in that light, I loved it. I realized I could not hold the standard of the book to the movie. So maybe this is the philosophy I need to hold whenever I see movies that were based on books. But I am still cheesed about Angels and Demons....grrrrr.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Most of you know that my son's hair has been a slight issue for me. I have been trying to let him have it long and do his own thing. We've cut it back a few times. He has such gorgeous, thick hair....but I reached my limit. I needed him to cut it. And cut it huge. Thankfully, his two good buddies at school shaved their heads for the summer so convincing him wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. So he climbed into the barber chair, grumbling and sticking his tongue out at me. I promised him that, if he hated it, I would give him five dollars :) I am not above bribery. Here are before and after shots.....

HE LIKES IT!!! And I adore it. He looks so much older and so mature. When we got into the van, I burst into tears. I just cannot believe how different he looks!!! What do y'all think???

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Wednesday and, typically on any given Wednesday, you would find Matt and I and assorted children doing our weekly library trip, or at Horrock's sampling cheeses or just snuggling watching a movie. But not today. Matt is working today and I must say that has deeply affected my routine for this day. Not to mention that it is gray and cool. Ick.

And to add serious insult to injury, Sydney only has 2 days left of school. Which means that my gloriously quiet afternoons will now have a 5 year old back in them. *sigh* I am glad that she'll be home, it just means more rearranging. And I am so great at that!

21 days left of school for the older kids which means only 23 days until we go camping!!! I am so excited to be at the campground and making tons of memories. We have promised the kids to camp a lot this summer. Even though the campground is only 15 minutes from home, it feels like we are away on vacation and that is awesome. The kids ride bikes non stop, we hang out at the beach, we get to have campfires, and we get to be together. Really looking forward to it!!

The science fair is tomorrow *gag* Pics to come!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Today's weather was very appropriate to my emotions, gray and stormy. I don't know why I have such issues with Mother's Day, but it's safe to say that I will be so glad to go to bed Sunday night!!!

In other realms, it's science fair time. UGH. Last year, we were introduced to the "Purdy Science Fair". Oh boy. All the kids are encouraged to do a project, but only the third graders are graded on it. Emma was in kindergarten last year so we made a bird feeder out of a milk jug and she painted it. Molli did something with rice and water and Jonah studied goldfish. Well, as I went to deliver said projects, it quickly became evident that this is not simply a kid's science fair. This was a popularity contest. Some of the kindergarten projects could have been done in High School. And the project boards??? Oh don't even get me started. Clearly, many of these kids did NOT do their own projects. I made Jonah write all of his stuff out(bad handwriting and all),I helped some but he did most of the leg work. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?!?!?!? Not here. Not to mention, that if you do not have your child's project at the school AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, there's NO where to put them! Last year, both Emma and Molli's projects were on the GROUND!

So I enter this year's science fair with trepidation. The girls have picked cool experiments and we have documented and made their project boards. Not fancy, but THEY did the work. Well, with a little help from me. And I will be waiting at the gym door AS SOON as it opens to make sure they get a spot. After all, I have to play part of the game, right??

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ok time for a whining post....aren't you glad you decided to stop by?? :)

This has been a tough week for Matt and I. There is too much history and too many gory details to go into, but it's been a tough week. I have felt isolated and alone for the first time in many years. It truly reminded me of when we lived in a place where I had no friends and no one to sob my heart out to. I have literally gotten NOTHING done this week. The house is a mess and I've been sleepy and groggy. I can sense the depression hovering. And even though it's been this way, God has given me glimpses of joy. Thomas potty training...who knew that could bring me joy? Sydney learning to ride her bike. Jonah's MEAP scores....silly little things like this that I feel God has given me to help remind me that I am NEVER really alone. And that He is in the small stuff too. That's good, because I've needed Him there this week.

Part of my depression is this coming Sunday. Mother's Day has been rough for me for many reasons. One of them is that I feel so inadequate in expressing my gratitude and love for my mother. It seems so silly to have a dinner, give a card and a gift and that that somehow encapsulates how I feel about her. I could give her all the gifts in the world and never come close to showing how much she means to me. And being a mother, it's a tough day. In my opinion, there should be a totally random "Mom Day" where we could shower our moms with celebration of who they are and what they've done for us. That would mean so much more than Hallmark cards and potted plants, in my opinion.

So there you have it, my whining post. Now please excuse me while I go and eat everything that isn't nailed down.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Man, I love this weather. It feels like it's been a long time since I've been able to send the kids to school in sweatshirts and flip flops. I've missed being able to play outside and have bonfires and ride bikes. Speaking of bike riding, I must brag on my Sydney girl. We really don't have anywhere to ride bikes at our house, no sidewalks, etc. Although, the bigger kids have made bike trails around the house, but it wasn't a good place to teach Syd to ride without her training wheels. So we hauled the bikes to a local park. Within a half an hour, she was off and riding!! Not only that, but Sunday she was so determined to ride on her own that she taught herself to get her bike going on her own! I'm so hugely proud of her. We took a very long bike ride yesterday and she was a pro..I am so glad to be done with training wheels!!

In other fantastic Kurtz news, Thomas is potty training!! He has gone two whole days with no accidents, even during naps! He woke up this morning with a dry diaper and asking to go to the bathroom. He even runs in from outside to go pee! I am so thrilled!! Just in time for Mother's Day, I couldn't think of a better gift!!

Today is also Cinco de Mayo. We are not Hispanic, too Irish for that :) But nevertheless, we are having a Cinco deMayo dinner celebration today! I am making chicken empandas and we're drinking Spanish soda. I can't believe how excited the kids are!

I've begun laying the groundwork for our summer plans. Matt doesn't get any vacation time in the summer so we have to plan things that are close by or that we can do on a Wednesday or Sunday. So far, we are going camping (we can do that because the campground is right near Matt's work so he can go to work from there), headed to Michigan Adventure, Craig's Cruisers, and a ton of fun stuff when my brother and his family are here for a few weeks in July. Can't wait!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Neighbors,
We've never been properly introduced. My name is Mandi and I live here with my gorgeous husband and 5 pretty adorable children. I've noticed you watching our home quite a bit so I thought I would give you names to go with faces.

Jonah is the oldest child, the one who is generally bellowing at his siblings because he simply doesn't have any other tone of voice. I know his hair is a bit much, but I am trying to let him express himself that way.

Molli is next with the long brown hair. She is the one who is bossing everyone around and always the leader. She has a very high pitched scream which I am certain you've been privileged enough to hear.

Then comes Emma, she has shorter dirty blond hair and is the fairly quiet one. She is typically found riding her bike quietly in circles around the house or talking to herself. Don't get me wrong, she can scream with the best of them...but you know that.

Sydney is the thin blond one. She is usually pestering someone, chasing Thomas, or running inside continuously to tattle on her siblings. She has a need to be included which generally leads to sibling fighting. You've witnessed that I am sure.

Thomas is my little guy. He adores being outside and is at very opportunity, sometimes without his mother's knowledge. But you know that as well as you came over last year to inform me that he was outside unattended. Remember how you threatened to call the police if you saw him out alone again? Good times.

I know you are frustrated with the way our yard is kept, or not kept I should say. I understand that you are available all day, every day to pick up every leaf or stick in your big yard. I sure wish I had that kind of time. I know when we have campfires or when we burn leaves, you are very nervous as we appear young and stupid. But my husband was a boy scout which you probably didn't know, so it's ok. I've also noticed you staring at our home at various times when you think you are unseen on your porch. I would stare too, this is a great house and a fabulous family! Who wouldn't want to spend hours watching the drama that is our life?? But if you are that curious, I'd be happy to sit down and have coffee with you both and give you our life stories. All you have to do is ask. :) I understand you might be a bit embarrassed as you did see me half naked last year when a certain spider crawled up my leg, but I assure you, it's fine. I'm a little crazy...but my guess is, you knew that too.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and let you know that we watch you too :)

Your noisy, crazy, messy neighbors

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh the rain..I love spring rain. I cannot believe how green everything is!!! Spring truly is a wonderful time!! We had some fantastic weather this weekend, I was complaining of being too hot!! And how did the Kurtz's stay cool??

Well my dad opened their pool on Easter weekend and when Molli came in and reported that the water was 60 degrees, my brother and dad bolted for the pool. We all followed, anxious to see Josh freeze his booty off by jumping in. However, the first one in the pool was SYDNEY!! She stripped off her dress and jumped right in!!! All of my kids, except Thomas, followed suit. And they did not merely jump in and jump out. No, they were SWIMMING!! Getting out and jumping in over and over. We finally had to pull the plug as I am sure hypothermia was not far behind! They had so much fun and I think they are all NUTS! But the McGlynn pool is officially open for the season!

Today I took Sydney to register her for kindergarten. There were many emotions to be had as I watched her doing her testing, all the while turning back to me and waving. Where did the last five years go? She has really matured this year. I'm so proud of her. So, in the fall, I will have four children in school full time. Wow. Whatever will I do???? Take lots of naps :) Or, as Matt says, our house will be really clean. Yeah right.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Saturday. For most people, it's the weekend. I wish it were so for us. Matt works on Saturdays so it really just feels like another week day. Grrr, but these days, I am so thankful that he has a job so not much complaining is done.

Today is Emma's friend birthday party. I'm sad for her as we invited 6 girls and only one is coming. She has managed to be very positive and excited regardless. Silly string and water balloons were purchased...why I'm not entirely sure. Probably my way of making it up to her :) I'm really glad I ordered a cake for 20 people! LOL

I washed all of our bedding and hung it out to dry on the line yesterday. It was so great! I LOVE the smell of linens off the line! Summer is on it's way.

Well back to spreading more Tinkerbell pixie dust around...gotta love girl parties!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today the sun came out. And man, did it change my blahs!! I felt so great!

Yesterday was my Emm'a's 7th birthday. I can hardly believe that she is that old. She is such a beautiful, funny girl and I am blessed to have been her mom these last 7 years! We had a great family party last night and I made a cake! I can't remember the last time I made a birthday cake! But it was yummy and we had a good time. She received another Webkinz which she was tickled about and her very own iPod shuffle. Pics to come! Now the countdown is on for her friend party which is Saturday. A house full of giggling 7 year old girls...oh boy!

Saturday is also Jonah's last boychoir concert. I love seeing him get all dressed up and singing. It's so awesome. It sounds like he will not be continuing with boychoir next year, but it's been a great experience for him.

Next week begins hard core potty training. I am ready to be done with diapers, something we haven't been without in 10 years :) I'm loading up the M&M jar and preparing the carpet cleaner for "oops". Anyone who has potty trained a boy recently, suggestions are welcome! I haven't had to potty train a boy in 8 years and I've forgotten, lol!

I've also joined the Twitter community, not sure why, but it seems cool. I do enjoy knowing what's going on in people's lives and this just makes that a little simpler. So if you are a Twitter-er, follow me and let me know so I can follow you as well!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I have started many blogs since the last that I posted. My heart has just not been in it. And things seem to be slightly more busy here of late. Enough excuses :)

Things with my friend have leveled off for now. We have seen each other once and it was cordial, although we haven't spoken since. And when there is a friend with whom you used to speak at least once a day, and then there is nothing...that is tough. I'm not sure how to proceed, just kind of waiting and watching.

I feel so uncertain today. The only other "friend" I have is also moving. I feel that there are very few possibilities for friendships where we are, both at home and at church. Blah blah, blah...gotta snap outta this rut.

On a positive note, I sabotaged my husband into re-doing our bathroom. It turned out SO great and I love it!! Even Matt thinks it was a good idea! Score for me! Here are some pics.....

It really looks beautiful and I'm so glad we did it. More normal posts soon!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

I can't sleep. I've tried. Yes, it is only 9:30, but I am usually fast asleep by now. But my heart is heavy and that does not allow for sleep. And, even though I have tried to avoid it, I find I must pour my heart out here, despite who may or may not see it. My fingers are ready to share my burden.

I have a friend. Revolutionary, right? But you see, I don't make friends easily. Oh, I am friendly and outgoing and I can strike up conversations easily enough. But, there are only two people who I can point to that I have allowed into my life, to see the messy side of who I am....behind the masks and the fakeness that I usually put up for most to see. And I am now terrified that I have lost my friend.

We have had quite the share of ups and downs, this friend and I. We've seen each other through some really rough crap. And, I think, we've always been able to tell each other how we feel. Or, if need be, to call each other out. That's who we are.

I felt the need to call into question something in her life. I don't know if I really should have said anything or not..but that is beside the point as it is already done. She is very angry with me, and hurt. I am sad and so very afraid that I may have lost her.

I am aware that there is a great possibility that she may move...this has been our reality for months now, delicately balancing on our increasingly different lives with the same old same old. We both feel the distance, I think.

I don't know what to do. I love her, so very much. I cannot imagine my life without her in it. She has become as close as a sister to me. And sisters fight. I just don't know how we will come back from this.

My heart is heavy tonight...and as I continue to type, the screen grows blurry through my tears. I don't know if she will see this or not. If so, I hope she sees my heart, that I care for her deeply and my life has been changed for good because I know her, to borrow from my beloved "Wicked". I miss her.

Friday, April 03, 2009

I am here, I know that you, my two readers, have been worried :) It has just taken me this long to get acclimated to being back home. I really didn't think it would be that bog of a deal...but clearly it was. I have been here every day, just not sharing. There just didn't seem anything great to write about after my spectacular journey. But I have missed the feeling of jotting down something....thus, here I am.

Wednesday was the third anniversary of my Grandpa's death. The day was laced with tears, moments that caught me by surprise, a laughter...a true testament to the man that he was. I spent most of my growing up years with him next door, an experience that I would never trade. I miss him every day. As I sat with the kids and we watched the video that we made for his funeral, I was reminded of how much he is still a part of who we are. My children, well all except Thomas, have memories of him which is so special to me. It was a good day.

We start Spring Break as of today. I was optimistic that we would be able to manage the week with the warmer weather...until I looked at the forecast and saw that we are expected to receive 6 inches of snow on Monday. So much for that plan. But we are penciling in other activities and I plan to make the most of every moment that the kids are home. Spring cleaning sounds good, and I can direct :)

We watched Marley and me last night as a family and ended up sobbing! My three biggest kids were crying! It was a wonderful movie, very touching and honest. I really enjoyed it. I also finally bit the bullet and rented Twilight. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it. I did enjoy Robert Pattinson as Edward :)

Oh dear, the kid drama is beginning.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here's our adventure! It was the best week of my life!

Monday, March 23, 2009

We are home!!! We arrived home late last night and we are exhausted! I have mountains of laundry to do and tons of pics to share, but for now, I'm loving on my kids! Keep checking back, more to come!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.....

I'M LEAVING ON A JET PLANE!!! Well in a few hours!!

Talk to you all on the flipside!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Final countdown

The countdown is almost complete. We are almost completely packed, groceries have been purchased for the troops while we are away, the house is coming along nicely, and I am still sane! I'm not quite giddy excited, my guess is that will hit sometime tomorrow. For now, I'm keeping busy and staying focused. I think my little man can sense that we are leaving. He's been following me everywhere and has been asking to be held and snuggled. We've told him that Uncle Joshie and Aunt Berber are coming to stay and he seems excited about that. It's hard to tell exactly how much he gets.

A lot about this trip has surprised me. My latest surprise was about our flight. Now, remember, I haven't been on a plane in 9 years..since before 9/ there were many new things. My first discovery was that we had to pay for our luggage...HUH?!?!?! As if the price you are paying to fly isn't enough, pay $25 per suitcase! UGH. Then, last night, as I was viewing our reservation online, I noticed we didn't have assigned seats. Come to find out, you have to PAY if you want seats together!!! I am SOOO glad I found this as we would have gotten onto our flight and I wouldn't even have been able to sit with Matt!!! Ridiculous. But I am going to stop complaining now because in 38 hours, I'll be on my way to a dream vacation with my wonderful husband!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I got an award!!! I've never gotten a blog award, so I am honored. My five little monkeys gave me this....

Apparently she thinks that I tell the truth here. What else could I do...this stuff is too crazy to make up!!! Here are the rules that came with the award: (I knew there was a catch!)

1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

2. Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog.

3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

Oh we go!

1. I want more children, not sure if that is biologically or not, but I'd love to have more!

2. I keep a small stash of candy bars in a secret place...shhhh.....

3. I am grossed out by bugs, even ants, it's silly....

4. I dream about Edward Cullen...a lot.

5. I am very guilty of" quick judging" people by their first appearance, it's awful.

6. I cannot for the life of me figure out my son's's just beyond me.

7. I hate seafood, all kinds, fish, shrimp, crab, lobster....UGH

8. I am a freak about traditions, they must be upheld to the letter.

9. I am good friends with several of my ex's....some are even married to my friends!

10. I am going on my first big trip ever in 4 didn't think this list would be complete without ONE thing about the cruise, did you???

And now, the winners of the Honesty award are.....

Becky R, she has such an honest heart and pours it into each blog she writes
Mindy S, she has it all together and is brutally honest

Rhen, she is pregnant with #7 and I love her funny honesty!

Misty, her honesty is beautifully written and eloquent

Becky H, I love reading about her adventures!

MckMama, she is a beautiful example of honesty

Brittany, six kids and she isn't afraid to tell it like it is!!!


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Guess what I just heard??!!?!?!?! THUNDER!!! I know it seems silly to be so excited about thunder, but it means that spring really will come eventually. It's also pouring rain, and I don't mean a gentle soaking rain, I mean a flash flood sort of rain. But anything is better than snow, so BRING IT ON!!

As we were getting ready for the cruise, a few friends suggested that we go tanning to get a nice base tan so we didn't burn in the bright, Caribbean sun. I have always felt that "fake baking" was silly and I saw no need. But, I certainly didn't want to be a lobster on our trip. So off to the tanning beds I went. I was very uncertain. My friends all told me to tan nude. Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am SOOOO self conscious about myself and the thought of being naked, laying in a bed was almost enough to make me leave! But I braved it and in I went. I must say that the warm lights and the way it made me feel were wonderful. I'm still not big on the naked thing, but I'm getting better each time. It has made my skin VERY itchy...anybody have any insight on this? We did switch tanning lotions and that has seemed to help. With any luck, I will have a healthy glow by the time we leave in.......

6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

It's 55 degrees outside. It's even, dare I say it, a bit muggy! I can feel storms in the air, so can Bo bo, he's pacing as we speak. And you'd think that I would be thrilled about the warmer air and the possibility of thunderstorms...but I'm not.

We leave a week from tomorrow. It still feels like an eternity away, but I am despairing because my family is sick!!! Well not all of them. Emma was home two days, Thomas is hacking and Matt is sicker than a dog. He even broke down and went to the Dr. yesterday which is HUGE! Alas, it just viral but it seems to be a long one! I am drinking green tea at the speed of light, speaking of which hang on while I grab another mug.....ok thanks. I have every window open and am bleaching everything I can find. I am determined to NOT GET SICK. I refuse to allow any virus to keep me from enjoying this glorious vacation. So there.

As I must return to my virus eradication, I'll leave you with some pics of the girls all ready for Crazy Hair Day at school!