Friday, February 24, 2006

Sorry for the absence everyone. My life is just a blur of nothingness right now. I sound like such a whiner I know, but I am just wrung out. That is exactly how I feel, like a wrung out dishrag. My limbs have no strength whatsoever. Everyone in my house (except me, thank goodness) had strep this week. That has not helped my energy levels. The desire to blog has gone right out the window with everything else. Sad, sad days....

I had my first official OB appointment on Wednesday. Like my doc, very straightforward. She said everything looks good, I'm measuring a little bigger than 9 weeks so I get to have an ultrasound on Tuesday!! Yee haw! And if I'm further along, awesome! Some days it just doesn't feel real yet. I'm starting to feel bloated all the time and have made the move to stretchy pants which is very depressing. Folding my "cool" jeans and putting them away is very sad. Why don't they make "mid" maternity clothes?? I'm not showing enough for my regular maternity clothes but I'm too big for my regular clothes!!! AAHHH!! There's the rub I suppose. I'm on the lookout for cool, comfortable clothes for this summer when I am the size of Kentucky. I've never been pregnant in the summer before so this will be fun!

What else to share...Ah yes. Tuesday was a no good, horrible, very bad day. I was so dizzy all day. The kids were all home from school sick. I finally decided when Syd went down for a nap that Molli, Emma and I were going to lay down as well. Jonah was lying on the couch so we were all set. Well Molli and I fell asleep. I awoke about an hour later to Emma standing next to the bed. "Mommy," she said excitedly. "I cut my hair!" Knowing that her bangs were finally growing back after she hacked them, I sat up straight. Her bangs looked intact. I rubbed my sleepy eyes. It was then I noticed she had hacked the back! So my gorgeous girl has short hair. Now, thanks be to God that we did not have to shave it as we did with her older sister. But her beautiful curls are gone, hopefully they will regrow! Here's a before and after...



So she'll live. She actually likes it. When I asked her why, she would do such a thing, she replies, "Cuz I wanted to!" "but Mommy," she continued. "I can't get married now because you have to have long hair to get married!" Ah well, no wedding this month!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Emma and Clifford Posted by Picasa Scroll down for more pics and my post for the day!!!

Syd.... Posted by Picasa

Jonah getting his "blades" Posted by Picasa

Jonah getting some "help" from Sydney with his candles Posted by Picasa

Jonah's awesome cake made by my girlfriend Mindy Posted by Picasa

Jonah and his pal David, playing at Chuck E. Cheese Posted by Picasa

Molli and Chuck E. Posted by Picasa
What a weekend.....Whew! I am so tired..... :)

Friday night we let Jonah invite a friend and we all went to Chuck E. Cheese's. Now, I have not been to such an establishment since my 5th birthday. I really had no idea that they still existed! Off we went..It was pretty fun. Tons of people there and Sydney really didn't understand what it was all about, but I think everyone had fun. Jonah had a friend spend the night as Saturday was his birthday. We headed to mom's for the traditional family party. It was fun. Jonah got his long awaited roller blades and promptly put them on and went blading in Grandma's basement. Noah is doing well, thanks to those of you who've asked. He was smiling and laughing yesterday which was good to see. All in all it was good 7th birthday(scroll down for pics!!) Seven, my baby boy is 7......Unbelievable.

I got an e-mail today from my long lost friend. For those of you who didn't catch this in my comments, my first best friend ever, found my blog. I was so shocked. I haven't spoken to or heard from her since we moved from South Lyon in 1991. We were best friends in third and fourth grades. I was also in love with her older brother Geoff (all her friends were!) So many memories. I am again thankful for the Internet which serves many a good purpose, including reuniting old friends. Come to find out, SHE'S A BELIEVER!!! How awesome is that, to not only find and old friend but to discover that she is a sister in Christ. So cool. I am enjoying getting to know her again.

At our church we have been called to fast from March 1st till Easter which is basically the Lent season. Since I cannot fast from food (Although it might assist in my weight loss, the baby would not enjoy it, I'm thinking) I feel as though the Lord is asking me to fast from my computer. NNOOOOO!!!! I've asked for a sign, the computer exploding for example. But if this is truly what He's asking of me, I will obey. That would mean no blogging for a month.......oh boy.

Well on to dishes....make sure you check out the pics below!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

1 - First Best Friend :: Michelle Rimshas
2 - First Screen Name :: mandileigh
3 - First Pet : Cheers, the hamster
4 - First Crush: Daniel, kindergarten
5 - First CD :: Amy Grant Heart in Motion
6 - First Car :: 89 Topaz
7 - First Love :: Phil Blankenbaker
8 - First stuffed animal :: Cabbage Patch Doll
9 - First school :: Greater Works Academy
10- First summer job : delivering papers
1 - Last Alcoholic Beverage : hmmm,strawberry daquari
2 - Last Car ride :: to take kids to school
3 - Last Movie Seen :: In Her Shoes
4 - Last Phone Call : 2:52 PM
5 - Last CD Played :: Twila Paris
6 - Last Bubble bath :: oh brother can't remember
7 - Last Job :: Pampered Chef lady
8 - Last time you said I love you:: five minutes ago to Molli and Emma
9 - Last thing you ate :: bowl of honey Nut cheerios
1 - Have you ever dated one of your best friends :: Yes, married him :)
2 - Have you ever been arrested :: nope
3 - Have you ever skinny dipped :: yes
4 - Have you ever been on TV :: yes
5 - Have you ever kissed someone, and then regretted it :: yes
6 - Have you ever had your heart broken :: yes
7 - Have you ever wanted a second chance with someone :: yes
8 - Have you ever had sex with a stranger :: nope
1 - pants
2 - shirt
3 - sweatshirt
4 - wedding rings
5 - slippers
6 - necklace
7 - scrunchy
1 - dishes
2 - vacuumed
3 - made lunch
4 - played school bus
5 - watched Go Diego Go with Syd
6 - posted this on my blog
1 - Matt
2 - My mom
3 - Mindy
4 - Jocelyn
5 - my grandma
1 - Chocolate
2 - chocolate
3 - chocolate
4 - chocolate (sorry having a pregnant day!)
1. Black or White :: white
2. Hot or Cold :: hot
3. Chocolate or Vanilla :: chocolate
1 - Go to Alaska
2 - Watch my kids grow up
1 - not finishing college
I need help and prayers. The second month has started with a bang. Every day I am increasingly tired and nauseous. This happens every time, I was in denial about it this time. And yet here we are. My house.....oh my house. Now most of you know or have figured out that I am not Martha Stewart or little Susie Homemaker. But I do try and keep my house picked up. My house is disgusting. I have not been able to clean for a week. Every dish we own is dirty and don't even get me started on the laundry. I wake up every morning and burst into tears because I just can't do anything. By the time I get Jonah and Molli dressed and off to school, I can barely move. My husband is frustrated and rightly so. I just don't know what to do. We can't go another month like this.......

I was going to take pics, but I cannot let you all see how absolutely horrible it is. So please pray for me....I need some supernatural strength.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and thoughts yesterday for Noah. He came through the surgery great. He was supposed to be in full leg casts for an unknown amount of time, but they just put leg immobilizers on him (braces, basically). So that was a HUGE praise. Molli, Emma, and I spent the whole day at the hospital yesterday with my parents and grandparents and my sister. Yes, the Waltons go to the hospital as well!! It was an exhausting day, but worth it to be there when he woke up. I spoke to my mom this morning and he was doing ok. She can tell he's in some pain. They were waiting to see the doc so he can give them a better estimate of how he's doing and when they can come home. So please continue to pray for a quick healing time for him as well as understanding and patience for him and my parents!

A few of you have asked how the baby is.....As far as I can tell, he's fine! I see the nurse tomorrow to be asked five million questions and give lots of blood. I'm anxious to see the doctor, I think it'll feel more real then. September still feels like years away!!! Thanks again you guys for your thoughts...Means a lot to me!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend Update and Prayer request

Lots going on at the Kurtz plantation.....

This Friday was Molli's Valentine "family" dance. They must call it a "family" dance as most of the kids in her school don't have fathers. So Matt, Jonah, Molli and I got dressed up and went. It was a blast. Imagine 200 4 year olds dancing.....hilarious. I, of course, didn't manage to get a shot of the four of us together....but they took one there. I'm just waiting to get it back, But here's one of Jonah and Molli before we left....

Aren't they cute???

Now on to my prayer request. My baby brother Noah is having surgery tomorrow. He has Cerebral Palsy and can't walk. He's having surgery to cut some of the hamstrings and tendons in his knees and ankles to hopefully improve his legs. PLEASE be in prayer tomorrow morning as he goes in for surgery. My mom is worried, he can't communicate very well and she has NO idea how he's feeling about all this. He's a very independent boy and he will have to be in full leg casts for an unknown amount of time. So please be thinking about that tomorrow and I will update when I can.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I caved...again! We were going to wait until her 4th brithday in April, but as we were walking by the place in mall this morning, she said, "Mama, could I get my ears pierced???" So we did......isn't she cute???

Emma gets it done Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekend is closing...darn. Sometimes I wish weekends would last forever, other times, I cannot wait for them to be over. We got snow this weekend which crushed my dreams that maybe we would go through the rest of the season with grass showing. Ah well.

I'm still feeling pretty good. Some days, I feel more tired than others, but I seriously cannot complain. The kids ask EVERY day about the baby. I pick Jonah up from school and he says, without fail, "Baby come yet?" *sigh* We REALLY should have waited to tell them! Jonah informed me yesterday that he "hates" the boy name we have picked out. "I'm picking a different name," he said. I informed him that Daddy and I get to pick the baby's name and that is the one we have chosen. I then tell him that if he'd like to think of a nickname for the baby, that would be fine. He walks away, thinking deeply. He comes back in a while and says, "I'm going to call him Buddy." Ok then.....

Well off to finish the chicken wings and put my football shirt on....GO STEELERS!!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Good grief I click my tongue a annoying. Ok that was interesting... I promise not to do that too often!!!
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So most of you have cleverly deduced that I am pregnant :) Indeed, it's true. And yes...Again. And yes, five children. I know, this rocks some of your worlds. But we are thrilled.....Jonah is so excited, it's almost all he can talk about. Besides his birthday which is soon. The kids are all convinced that it must be a boy, Jonah in particular who won't even discuss the fact that it could just as easily be a girl :) I'm feeling pretty good, starting to feel a little tired during the day, but thank the Lord, it's not too much!!!

I started blogging a year I remember getting something from Amy saying that she had started something called a blog. I had heard of blogs, my missionary friend had one. But I thought they were very sophisticated and only for people overseas to use. I decided to scope it out. It looked like fun so I dove in. What a year it has been. I found Mindy again after being out of touch for years and found many kindred spirits along the way. I must say, it's so cool to go back and see where you've been, what's changed.....awesome. I don't know how many posts I've made..Maybe I'll count later!

Well time to get dressed...