Friday, September 16, 2011

Absolutely no excuses this time....I simply lost the desire to blog over the summer. Having everyone home and trying to adjust to Matt's new work schedule was just about all I could handle. Plus, we found out that we are expecting again (yes, that makes 7 now!) so trying to stay awake for any period of time was difficult! We had a really great summer, up until the last few weeks when the kids hit melt down, I'm- desperate- for- a- schedule- mode. But now everyone is back into school and we are enjoying the semi-normalness!

We are just finishing up a ten day stretch of Matt being gone. He, my Dad and brothers go up and hike Isle Royale every year. This year they had to go late due to Matt's work schedule. It has gone pretty well, the single parent thing. But I am super tired and I just didn't realize how wonderful it is to just have another set of grown up hands around! I'm looking forward to his return!!

I'm busy this fall as I have taken on directing a fairly good sized production at our church. We're going to do, "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". It's a great show and I'm thrilled to be doing it!! It certainly has gotten my creative juices flowing. I will be the size of a small country by the time we perform it, as I'm due in January, but as long as I can waddle around still, we'll be good! Plus, I'm assistant coaching our church's JBQ (Junior Bible Quizzing) team. I LOVE quizzing and my two oldest girls are doing it....we're having a blast.

So there's a quick glimpse into us lately....I'll try and keep this as up to date as I can!