Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Alright alright...I guess I will blog. I can remember when I couldn't wait to blog, when I would post just a few sentences just so I would have something to post...what has my life come to???

Here's an update on the Kurtz clan....

Matt has a new route at work. They restructured the plant so now he officially has his own route. He's way excited about it. The hours are a little longer which I dislike but we're surviving. We just celebrated Jonah's eighth birthday...that was a rough one for me. How can my oldest be 8?!!?!?! He's doing well in school and I am allowing him to grow his hair out...god help me! Molli is well, flourishing at school and reading at a late first grade level. but not doing so hot in math, that's my girl!! She has tried to sneak one of my bras under her shirts for the last week because all of her girlfiends have bras already....anyone else let their six year old wear a bra???? I mean she barely has nipples for pity sake. Emma is loving school too....getting better everyday at her zoo phonics and over her shyness. Sydney turns 3 on Sunday and has grown up over night. Her vocabulary seems to have quadrupled. She's amazing. Thomas is our little chunker. At almost 6 months old he's weighing in at 18.7 pounds! He has such a sweet disposition, unless he's hungry of course and he only has eyes for Daddy. We've recently joined our local YMCA and I have been going every day. What a blessing that has been!!! they have free childcare so I go and check everyone in and off I go. So awesome. I've also joined Medical Weight Loss clinic and have lost 12 pounds in the last two weeks. It's such an amazing feeling!! Skinny here I come...well maybe not skinny persay, but thinner...heck yeah!

I think that's about it for now....I hate to erase my blogspot. So many things on here that I just can't bring myself to erase. I'll try and be better about posting. We'll see :)