Friday, May 30, 2008

Well, we have recovered from the wedding madness! It was great fun to have so much family here and make some really great memories. My brother Josh and his wife Amber are wonderful and I'm so excited to have her in our family.

As I'm running behind today, here's a brief synopsis of all that's going on here:

1. Soccer continues for Molli and Emma. They are both doing very well, although I think Molli enjoys it more. It's great to sit on the sidelines and cheer them on, as long as I am not near the rabid parents who think their 5 year old should be playing like Beckham.

2.Sydney graduated from pre-school with a flourish. She was very proud of herself and her certificate. And we all enjoyed hearing every pre-school song known to man, including Down by the Bay (a popular favorite!)

3. Jonah had (I had no idea) an audition with a local music director and has since been invited to participate in the Battle Creek Boys Choir. It's fairly prestigious and by invite only. He is excited about all the traveling they get to do, all over the world. In fact he said to me, "Mom! They go ALL over the world, even TEXAS Mom!" I'm so proud of him and what a great opportunity it will be for him.

4. Thomas continues to give me gray hair by climbing all manner of things and talking more. We have entered the "I'm going to hit you if you tell me something I don't like" phase. It's truly wonderful. I made the greeter at Meijer audibly gasp the other day when Thomas smacked me in the face because I wouldn't let him run through the store and was attempting to put him in the cart. I smacked his little hand and the greeter gasped as if I had bloodied him. It was probably because Thomas has mastered the Kurtz drama face, big lip sticking out and crocodile tears. *eyes rolling* Little does he know that I have done this enough with his sisters that I'm on to it! He's talking more and more and turning into quite the little man.

5. Matt and I are well. It's getting into the busy season for Matt as people are buying more chips. We've decided it's nice to work in a business where you know people will always buy your product! We're doing some yard projects and working on the house as we have time. The camper is out and ready for some adventures this summer, not sure where yet. Mom and Dad have opened the pool and the kids have already been in, I need it to be about 10 degrees warmer and then I'm in too! Summer is just around the corner and the Kurtzs are ready!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

We had an absolute blast this past weekend when my baby brother Josh got married. It was a great time of laughter, happy tears, drinks and family. Here are the highlights...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Today I decided to further my relationship with my neighbors. You remember, the ones who hate us and are waiting to call the police? Yes, those's what happened.

Our dryer is currently broken so I knew today was going to be nice and sunny and knew I needed to get as many loads hung up on the line as possible. As I was out this afternoon doing said task, I felt a bite on my leg. Thinking it was simply a mosquito I swiped my leg as I looked down briefly. I saw the spider as it darted up my leg and into my capris. Now, I'm panicking. I felt it bite my leg again and pure panic settled over me. I started screaming hysterically and ripping my pants off. My underwear came off as well in my haste to rid myself of the spider in my capris. I darted for the house, breifly glancing up. There was my neighbor, standing watering his flowers and looking at me in pure disbelief. I was mortified. I came inside and sat down, recalling the last few moments. I was wearing a fairly long tshirt of Matt's so it's possible that he didn't see anything. However, I was running so who knows what he got a glipmse of. I almost started to cry, wondering what in the world he must think of what just happened. Then, I began to laugh and I laughed until I almost threw up. I called Matt and after his brief mortification that the neighbor saw my goods, he laughed too. After all, I am dedicated to doing whatever it takes to mend fences with the neighbors :)