Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My birthday was as success, I turned 27 without major fanfare and too much drama. It was a wonderful day actually....I was awoken by my husband and son who had awakened at 5:30 to drive the 25 miles to a Krispy Kreme store to fetch me fresh donuts for breakfast. That's the best way to wake up I am no convinced and have told Matt that this is now my birthday tradition!

So instead of whining about how miserably pregnant I am, I decided to make a list of all the "normal" things I miss about my life....

1. Bending over to put on shoes and socks without passing out
2. Having more than two things that fit
3. Real jeans
4. Being able to quick run upstairs and fetch something without dying
5. Doing laundry
6. Getting out of a chair without a crane
7. Knowing that everywhere I go, people aren't staring at my stomach going, "Holy cow, she must be having triplets!"
8. Picking up Sydney
9. Sex (Sorry, but you's just one of those things)
10. Fitting behind the steering wheel
11. Chasing after my kids
12. Being able to hold my bladder until I want to get out of bed, as opposed to it making my uterus as hard as a rock
13. And the things I miss the most....just the feeling of being a normal human again....normal emotions and proportions!

There you have it...things I am looking forward to and here's a dew more things I am anxious for...

1. Meeting this little boy
2. Smelling that new baby smell that cannot be duplicated anywhere
3. Breastfeeding
4. Watching my children with their new brother
5. Seeing Matt discover how much he really loves being a dad all over again
6. Staying in the hospital and having visitors :)

I could go on and on...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kittens, showers, and birthdays....whew!

First of all, we adopted yet another kitten into the Kurtz Dory.

As we already had a Nemo, it seemed only fitting that Dory be her name.

Then this afternoon was my baby shower. Now I know most of you are scratching your heads going, "Um, this is her FIFTH baby...why in heaven's name is she having a baby shower?!?!" My thoughts exactly. But it's our first baby born to this congregation so they wanted to throw one. My girlfriend is due about a week and a half ahead of me so it was a "Two for One" baby shower. It was made even more fun due to the fact that I am having a boy and she is having a girl. So we had pink and blue was a hoot. My mom did such a great job on it! So here are some pics from that...

Yes, even Thomas had to wear a name tag!

Kimberly and I with the duel cake :)

Thomas and Gracie's first picture together

Very eventful. And tomorrow is my birthday so it doesn't slow down I guess....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who knew you could be so tired from a day of doing nothing??

My day started out so typical, Sydney crying next to my bed at 6AM...the girls sleeping in my bed already. So i crawled out of bed to start the day. As I was on the phone with my girlfriend, I had to pee. (Now don't tell me that none of you have friends that you haven't used the bathroom while on the phone with them!) As I was finishing, I noticed some blood. I tried not to panic and checked again and there was more. I casually mention this to my friend who orders me to call the doctor. I hemmed and hawed and then agreed. So I call, and they order me to go to Labor and Delivery. Ugh. So I scramble around, organize my kids, try and call Matt, and drop kids off at the aforementioned girlfriend's house. (by the way Mindy, you are my hero!) I head into L&D. Then I sit there for the next 12 hours as they check and re-check me, tell me I am contracting regularly and I am dialated. Then nothing. I pulled up to the house at 8 PM, after leaving it at 9 AM this morning. What a day. And I can only imagine that Thomas is in there, chuckling to himself at getting his mother all riled up for nothing. Punk kid.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's been a somewhat eventful week at the Kurtz home.

Wednesday was Matt and I's anniversary. I can hardly believe it's been 8, where does the time go? I had mentally prepared myself that it would just be a nothing day as we really didn't have any extra money for anything. However, Matt came home from work with flowers, a card, and orders for me to get ready. He readied our children and whisked them away to my girlfriend's house and we went out for a lovely dinner. Afterwards we walked through the mall, what a treat without children!! After an ice-cream cone on the way home, we settled in for the night. It was s wonderful surprise and a refreshing time for the two of us.

On Thursday, I had thawed out some chicken that really needed to be cooked. (Don't worry, this is not another maggot story!) So I decided to throw it on the grill for lunch. As I am out back grilling, I notice some smoke. I wasn't startled because our neighbor burns things all the time. However, I noticed that it was coming from our neighbors garage (not the neighbor that usually has fires) The smoke was getting thicker and blacker. I yelled for Jonah to get me the phone and I ran (well as best a eight 1/2 month pregnant woman can) to get our neighbor. She comes flying out her house and yells over her shoulder to me that there are two gas grills and cans of gasoline in the garage! We share a driveway and our houses and garages are extremely close together. So again I ran to the house, this time to gather my children and get out! I was babysitting my brother as well so I hauled him as fast as I could to his wheelchair, all the while yelling for my kids to get in our car as fast as they can. Now they can see the smoke and are panicking. I finally get everyone loaded and we head over to the church (which is behind our church). We watched as the fire trucks arrived and they drug out their hoses and gear. The kids thought this was all very fascinating except for Molli who was crying that our house was going to burn down. I must confess that I was praying that God would not allow that to happen myself! After a while, we were cleared to return home. Our neighbors garage is pretty totaled, but thank the Lord, our garage and home are safe! Very exciting!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thanks to all of you who listened to me whine...I'm over it now. It's a cool 71 right now and it feels like heaven. Even when we had a killer storm and lost power this morning, I was just so thankful that it wasn't hot! I finally gave up last night and had Matt take our unit up to the kid's bedroom so they could sleep upstairs. I guess I never really realized how much I treasure my alone time!

Well some of you didn't believe how big I would's some proof and I still have 6 weeks to go!!

And here are some other random pics of our summer...

Sydney "snuggling" Nemo...

Blogger won't let me post anymore...have to do it later!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh what to write that doesn't sound like whining????

This heat, oh this heat. It severely alters me. I knew it was coming and I was prepared...until Matt broke our air conditioner. Then I just I knew that I couldn't survive without it. The implications are far reaching. He ruined the one that was in the living room. Therefore, we either sacrifice our bedroom one (NOT) or we take the one from the kid's room. Doesn't sound like a hard decision. But that means that now the children must sleep in the living room, which would be ok if it weren't for Sydney. She will not fall asleep without a closed door. Therefore she ends up in our bed which means that the precious little sleep I do get is now gone. I have to sleep in the middle to keep her feet away from Matt so he can sleep. Yeah, ok there's a mental picture for eight month pregnant woman squishing herself between her husband and her two year old. Ugh. Not to mention that I have to get up four times a night....if I thought that was hard to do from the side of the bed, it's now impossible from the middle of the bed. Add to all of this the mother of all tension headaches (apologies to those of you who suffer from migranes. I know I have no idea what you suffer regularly, but this destroys me) So I just don't know what to do. I know the heat will break, but will I still be living? Will my family?

How many of you will come to my funeral? Amy, will you sing? Mindy and Misty will you take pics?