Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I come here everyday, see my top picture of my five children and tell myself that Liam is a month old already and I do not have ONE picture of all SIX of my children. Hopefully this weekend!

So yes, Liam is a month old...hardly seems possible. He is the sweetest baby and we all just love him! He gave me his very first smile last night and, as if it were possible, he melted my heart even more. One person said you can't love the sixth child as much as the first.....that person never had six kids!!

Life continues on. There are 23 days of school left....dang it. But we plan to be busy this summer which I hope will help!!! For now, my sister is in town. She surprised us all with a visit with my new nephew! He is just darling and he and Liam have being getting acquainted....

Aren't they adorable??? So we are enjoying some time with her and my two aunts from New York are coming into town this weekend which should make for fun times! OK, going to hunt down my six kids and torture them with getting their picture taken, the joy of being a mom!!!