Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've read several posts lately of others being ill and on and so forth. We've had our fair share as well, we had to rush Thomas to the ER with a temp of 105.3 to discover that he had RSV. All is well now and everyone remained fairly healthy. Until Saturday...

I awoke with serious chills. Matt and I sleep with the window open in our room as it gets WAY too hot in there with the heat on. (No, this is not a metaphor to our sex life) Anyway, I assume dit was because of the window...until I tried to stand up. I was so completely dizzy and weak and my nose was dripping. I immediately sat back down. Long story short...I was sick. Thankfully, Molli was with my mom and Jonah was able to take care of the girls and Thomas while I stayed in bed. I barely managed to get to te bathroom and back a couple of times. I put Thomas down for a nap and walked Jonah through making mac and cheese for lunch. Finally Matt arrived home and took over things. It was awful, I can't remember the last time I felt so miserable. Of course on Sunday I felt better so I decided to, not only go to church, but to go to my mom's for dinner and an Oscar party. Right after the award for best supporting actress, my chills came back. I'm such an idiot. And so I spent Monday trying to cope with life and being sick.

I'm grateful to report that I am feeling much better today and my husband threatened me with my life if I didn't "stay on my butt" today. He knows me too well. I didn't do too much...just some laundry....and some picking up...and shoveled the driveway. But I'm ok....

Dear God,
If ever there were a time that we needed Spring....it's now. Just thought I'd tell you.


Friday, February 22, 2008

This was so hard for me...don't get me wrong. I am VERY weird. Just couldn't think of things to share...or rather that COULD be shared! Thanks
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    My random/weird facts:

    1. I like teeny bopper movies, HSM 2, Princess diaries 1&2, Mean girls, Bring it on...seriously stupid movies yet I am drawn to them...

    2. I rub my eyebrows (I can't believe I am putting this on here) It started as a nervous habit and now I do it all the time. It's a very odd habit...people look at me funny as well they should.

    3. I would love to have 12 children. (My grandma, who reads this, just passed out!)
    (And now she's calling my mother...)

    4. I'm obsessed with traditions. They must be kept, to the letter, period.

    5. I have always wanted a Saturn...I was obsessed with the in high school and someday I will drive a cherry red Saturn 3 door.

    6. I do not fill the sink to wash dishes (and now my earth conscious friends are getting ready to kill me too) I let the water run while I wash them.

    7. I hate cleaning. I am a slob. I like my house clean, but I hate getting it that way. And I am quickly instilling this into my children which makes my future look very dim...

    Monday, February 18, 2008

    Dear Jonah,

    Nine years ago today, I met you. Your birth was long anticipated and exciting. I remember feeling that that day would change my life...and it did. The moment they placed you in my arms I knew I would love you forever.

    Then you started to grow. Strangers would comment on what a beautiful child you were. You were beautiful inside as well, always making Daddy and I laugh. You grew some more and we added sisters to your life, both to your joy and your dismay :) You "helped" me so much with them..like always getting into trouble just out of my reach while I was breastfeeding, or teaching the girls how to do naughty things. All the time, you were growing and changing.

    Your next huge milestone was school. I'll never forget that first day of kindergarten, the teachers having to pry you out of my arms and you and I crying. I knew that that day changed everything all over again, you were a school kid.

    I watched you grow and change, grow and stay the same. This past year, you finally got the brother you always wanted and have proved that there is such a special bond between brothers. I love to watch the two of you together.


    Even as you grow and change, my son, and even when your progression in age provides new challenges, my love for you continues to grow. Many times I glance at you and I can still see that little bundle that was placed in my arms 9 years ago. You make my heart sing, Jonah man.You bring me joy. I love you with all my heart and I am so proud to be your mommy. Sorry...Mom. :)


    Friday, February 15, 2008

    Here I am, complaining that no one has updated their blogs...don't they know I check daily to see what's going on in everyone else's life?? THen I looked at the date on my own blog...oops. I've looked at it every day wishing I had something blog worthy...life is just life. No big anything. But since you've already started to read, I guess I'll blog about nothing :)

    I was watching Brothers and Sisters last week and there was a question that was asked that resonated into my very being. The question was, How are YOU? Not your kids...you. When people ask me how I am I usually respond, good..or the kids are sick, or they're doing well. School is good, basketball is good. Almost every time, it has to do with how my family is as opposed to myself. How often do I do that? Most times I think people ask it out of politeness, not because they really care to know. Is that why the casual answers? Something to ponder...

    I am ashamed to admit this but I am sick of the sound of coughing! My children have been sharing colds for the past few weeks and I am sick of that sound. What awful mother admits to being annoyed at the sound of her own child coughing???? Me, I guess. But when one of them coughs every 5 minutes for 48 hours straight....AHHHHHHHHHHH!! I just can't handle it! I hate winter....

    But today I have reclaimed it and have thrown open windows (despite the 34 degree temperatures) washed all bedding. loveys, etc. and am wiping everything with Chlorox wipes. I must get rid of the ickiness in my house. Matt commented that he missed hearing the birds sing. Me too...I miss it all. And in my opinion, it better hurry up and get here!!!

    Monday, February 04, 2008

    It's Monday...a new week. I wonder if this week will be comprable to last week...it would have to be a doozy to beat last week...please God no!

    I've hit the winter blue wall. I'm sick of the snow, sick of the cold, sick of eating everything in sight, sick of being home....you get the picture. This isn't unusual for me..I hit it every year. I think the amount of snow days we've had recently have made it harder too. I hate for my kids to see me grumpy. But it's hard to pretend for them too....here's to hoping that February flies by and March brings warmth!!

    Everyone else seems unaffected by the weather. The kids have created new sledding runs all over the yard...can't believe how grateful I am for this house and yard! We updated some things at the house with the help of our tax return. We cut some more walls which was very fun. I'll post pics soon. It feels so great to have a home that is your own where you feel like everything you do is to improve that place. It's a great feeling. Jonah is still in basketball camp on Saturdays and recently scrimaged during the halftime of the high school's game. It was so great to see him out there playing. He seems to really enjoy it and has picked up the concepts fairly quickly. God help me, we're gonna do the sports thing! Hopefully he'll get lots of help from others as my athletic ability is slim to none! Thomas has yet to walk, we're going on 17 months and I am terribly tired of carrying him. He has taken a few steps, but then plops down and super crwals everywhere. I'm praying he walks in time for kindergarten!

    So there's a Kurtz update....here's to an uneventful week!!!