Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My blog has been silent for a few weeks. I didn't blog for fear that my awfulness would come out. I have been awful these last few weeks. It has been a tough time for us as a family as well. Despite our best efforts, we were driving each other mad. And I found myself losing my patience so quickly and just being a yucky mom. So that is why there have been no words here.

But today, a fresh wind blew and not a moment too soon, the big bus came and the kids are off to school. My four oldest are in school all day this year. It will be odd, I must admit, to have just one home. It's been a LONG time since I was home with just one child all year! The kids were EXCITED about school, even Jonah which confirms the disastrous-ness of the last few weeks! So here they are, on their first morning....

Doesn't Sydney look happy??? She was so excited to go to school with the big kids, in the morning. And,even though I have been praying for this day, I got misty eyed as they left, knowing that another year of their young lives has come.