Monday, October 19, 2009

So it looks like weekly blogging will be the best I can do for now :) After all, my life just isn't that exciting!

Football is finally over. Jonah's team finished their season on Saturday with a big 19-0 win! It was a chilly day so I'm relieved to be done sitting outside for two hours every Saturday. Also, looking at this week with NO practices on three evenings is exciting! Family time is back. Of course, tomorrow night is my first night with my Daisy scouts. I'm excited to meet them and get our troop going. I'm hoping to be a good leader, I guess time will tell.

Pregnancy is plodding along. April seems like an eternity away. But I am relieved to be past 12 weeks and I have my energy back. Well, mostly. I am trying to catch up to life that was put on hold. I'm still looking for the girl's many pairs of socks...I think the mice have eaten them all!!

Events coming up in our household.....Thomas starts preschool in two weeks. I am nervous for this transition for him...I'm really praying it goes well. He seems excited about it, but I'm not really sure he knows that it means me leaving him there!!! Here's hoping it is awesome for him. A shopping day with a really great friend....our church is taking a group of ladies to Great Lakes Crossing for a Christmas shopping trip in November and my good friend is coming as well!!! A whole day with grownups! Of course we are in full swing for Halloween as well. We have some interesting choices this year....Jonah is going as a mobster, complete with a pin striped suit, red carnation and spats on his shoes! Molli is a ninja...don't ask, I have NO idea! Emma and Sydney are going as poodles. I am making these costumes..cross your fingers!! Thomas is a dragon, an adorable dragon at that. So quite the crew....I'm already cringing at the amount of candy that I know will come home that night....

Matt is home on vacation this week and I'm finding it very hard to get things done when he is here....I just want to hang out. But alas, there is work to be done. (I'm even trying to convince him to do a small painting project this week!!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

What a crazy, fun-filled weekend we had! Friday morning, the only thing that got me out of bed to get the kids to school was knowing that I could sleep in on Saturday morning. NOT! I had to be up, dressed nicely and driving to Kalamazoo by 8 AM. UGH. Why,you ask? Well.....I went to a meeting at the girl's school to sign Emma up for Brownies. There were 6 little kindergarten girls there who all wanted to be Daisies, but alas there was no leader for a Daisy troop. I couldn't' stand the looks on their little faces when their parents were telling them that they would have to wait to be girl scouts. So I stepped up to the plate and volunteered to be the troop leader. I naively thought it would just be this simple little thing, NOT!!! Tons of paperwork, reference forms, training sessions...oh my. But, as of noon on Saturday, I am a certified Daisy troop leader! Now all the fun stuff starts, calling parents, setting up our meeting times and planning meetings. I think I get off pretty easy though, because at age 5, pretty much anything you do, they think is awesome! I'll keep you posted on that!

So that was Saturday morning. I rushed back from Kalamazoo to make it in time for Jonah's football game which they won!!! Go Tigercats! It was a gorgeous day to sit and watch football. And Jonah is so handsome in his uniform!!

After the game, we came home and packed up a few things and took off for an impromptu overnight in Howell. Sunday was Matt's grandma's 90th birthday party so we went a little early for some family fun. My kids think there is NOTHING cooler than sleeping in a hotel. So we swam and laughed and ate and swam. It was so fun.

Then, Sunday afternoon we headed to celebrate with Great Grandma. Besides being ungodly hot in the nursing home, we had a great time! The kids caught up with cousins and second cousins and we got to have cake. Doesn't get any better than that.

Getting everyone up and moving this morning was a bit of a challenge, but the big kids are gone and Thomas just asked if we could stay in our pajamas today. Of course we can :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I've been a VERY bad blogger. But there is a that I am now able to share :)

Yes, indeed we are having a baby. Yes, this is number 6. Yes, we are excited. Yes, the kids are beyond excited. No, we are not crazy. Well....yet anyway :)

I had a miscarriage in May and, after that happened, Matt and I decided that we were done. He made phone calls to the "man doctor" and everything. And then, lo and behold, this little one appeared. Ok, he didn't just appear, and yes, Grandma, we DO know how this works :) I have been beyond exhausted which is one reason for my failure to blog. And we wanted to keep it to ourselves, selfishly, for a little while. But we decided that we would like to share the news with you all. We are 12.5 weeks along...and as you can see in the ultrasound pic, this little one is a gymnast! The kids are excited, the girls are praying for a girl, while Jonah has informed us that, if it is a girl, he is putting himself up for adoption. :) I'm starting to pull out of the "too tired to even get dressed" phase so there will be more updates and news. But, just writing this has left me needing a nap...zzzzzzz......