Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holy cow, I can hardly believe it's been almost two months since I have blogged. I completely blame Facebook. And Twitter. And the feeling that nobody really cares what I write here. I must get rid of that thought because I care what I write here. Period.

I won't bore you with ALL that has happened since December. We had a great holiday season and pushed into the new year with excitement and expectation for a great year. We snuck away to Grand Rapids for a few days of vacation, complete with staying in a hotel (the most exciting thing for my kids!), swimming, rollerskating and Chuck E Cheese. It was a fun time away and we loved it.

We have had an addition to our family. No, I have not gotten pregnant :) But we do have a baby...puppy that is!

This is Chester. I picked his name. I got it from the movie, "The Kid". He has a dog named Chester - "The world's greatest dog!" Plus it's for Chester Cheetah which is appropriate for our Frito Lay family!! And it goes nicely with Chunky which is our other dog's name. He is the sweetest thing and has fit in very nicely. He is potty training very well and is getting used to being in his crate. I really do like him :)

alright well must get my day going, but am hoping to be here more often!!!