Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's amazing to me that you can blink and days sweep past you. This never fails to hit me on the kid's stop and wonder when they stopped wearing diapers, stopped eating random non-food items, stopped needing you every second. but it's never more real to me than when I have an infant. The first weeks of their little lives fade together and before you know it they are two weeks old. The last two weeks I was pregnant lasted an eternity and yet, as soon as he was born, I blinked and now it's already been two weeks! His looks are already starting to change, from the newborn preciousness into the adorable infant. And somehow it's sad to me....a deep realization that time waits for no man.

Life continues to press on, we've gotten quite accustomed to getting everyone up and out of the door for school every day. Life seems to be settling into a pattern, which is somewhat comforting. I spent nine months waiting for this month to be here and now it's come and gone. Sunday it will be October.....good grief.

Here are a few more pics of my little man, you guys are going to get very tired of looking at pictures of my son, I can tell :)

Here's Syd...looking very bored by holding her brother

My sweet boy

Jonah, who still tells me every day how awesome it is to have a brother

And for something a little different, our kitties latest hang out spot, a gift bag!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Update: Thomas and I came home from the hospital late Sunday night and all is well. We went back to the doctor on Monday morning just to make sure his numbers were still coming back down and indeed they are. Thank you all so much for your notes and e-mails of encouragement. This was a rough time for me, I guess hormones and all. But he is well, thank the Lord.

Other news: We continue to adjust to having five children. It really hasn't been too big of an adjustment. The kids are fantastic with Thomas..they really adore him. I was worried about how Sydney in particular would adjust but for the most part she just ignores him. She does tend to be a little rough when trying to love on him, but that's fairly typical 2 year old thing I think. I was also worried about getting everyone to school, getting ready in the AM, etc. But that has gone well as well. Thomas is such a good baby and so sweet. I can hardly believe it's been a wek already. I spend so much time just snuggling on him, I just can't help it! Emma started school last Thursday and with all the baby drama, I neglected to post pics of that awesome day. but blogger won't let me so next time!

And last but not least I am an aunt again. Landon Kenneth Kurtz was born today at 3:04 AM. So Thomas is exactly one week older than his cousin, pretty cool.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Just a quick post as we are out the door again...

Thomas was admitted to the hospital again on Saturday afternoon for jaundice. I was a wreck emotionally....they took my new baby and put him in this box and I couldn't touch him. They let me nurse him every three hours still but I also had to let them give him formula too. It was a rough time. We got home last night around 10 PM and he is doing fairly well. We have to go back to the doc this AM to have his levels tested again and make sure he is doing well. So please keep him in your prayers that he will continue to improve and that we will not have to go back into the hospital. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

HE'S HERE!!!!!

Thomas Michael Kurtz
September 12, 2006 1:21 AM
8 pounds, 19 1/2 inches long
Lots of dark hair!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

No, I have not had this baby yet. I think he's setting up an apartment in there and he'll come out around the age of 18 or so....

My husband however is getting lots of practice. Yesterday afternoon, he ran out to the car to grab a book for me. As he was out there, he heard a woman across the street yelling for help. He ran over and peered into her house and she was on her hands and knees. He asked if she was ok. She rolled over onto her back and asked Matt to get her shorts off. Matt was really confused at this point. It was then he saw a little baby head crowning. He kneeled down just in time to catch this little boy as he entered the world. Matt sent the onlooker man (not sure his relationship to the woman) to get a clean towel. He rubbed the baby so he was fussing, cleaned out his mouth and spoke to the 911 woman who was on the phone. He held the baby till the ambulance arrived and the paramedic took over. He came home, covered in blood and on a total adrenaline rush. I decided(after I got over being angry that he was out delivering stranger's babies and I couldn't even go into labor)that that is definitely a creative way to meet your neighbors. So here's to Dr. Matt....our local hero.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Yesterday, I saw the mailman coming. I raced (ok, well maybe not raced exactly..but waddled fastly) to meet him and gasped as I looked through the pile. There they were...oh how we had waited and waited. So last night, we tucked the children into bed and took our precious package to the DVD player. LOST season 2. We had avoided the TV every Wednesday last year so that we wouldn't get ANY hints as to what was happening. Matt had to go to bed early, but I stayed up till 11 watching, drinking it all in. WHO KNEW?!?!??! It's so good. I can't wait to watch the rest....

Life in general is still forging on...I get bigger by the second and have given up trying to sleep at all. I've tried every position, the couch, the name it, I've tried it. I give Thomas pep talks every day encouraging him to come out, I've even bribed him with all sorts of things....alas, he remains in his warm bubble, away from the world. Now I've taken to begging the Lord to let me go into labor. I've even promised such crazy things as not using any drugs. Do you think he'll hold me to that?????

I must admit that it is nice having the children back in school. Molli and Jonah are settling into the routine nicely. It's awfully quiet around here, especially when Sydney goes down for her nap and it's just Emma and I. Emma starts school next week and then it'll really be quiet around here. Makes it nice for little cat naps though :)

I'll keep you all posted, as soon as anything'll be, well maybe not the first, but at least the third and fourth ones to know :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Seems so weird that I have been talking about the kids going to school for months and then, all of a sudden, it was today! We did pretty good getting up and out of the door. Of course I had to hike all over the school to find out where they went as they rearranged everything! So after our third lap around the school, as I am breathing heavily and having contractions, we finally located the appropriate places for everyone and they were off on their school adventures. Today was only a half day so tomorrow will be a little more telling after a full day. And Emma doesn't start till the 21st. But here are some pics of the first day...

Tried 4 times to get them to take a serious one...ah well!

My big kindergarten girl

My goofy second grader!