Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Thursday, another post :) This time I'm watching the wind whip the snow at speeds of 30 mph while I sit sipping my latte. It's freezing this morning!!! Not that I can feel it in here!

We are back to cold world, Thomas and Sydney are sneezing and coughing their way through life. These seasons seem especially long these days, could be my pregnant self just being grumpy. Speaking of pregnant, I seem to have slipped unknowingly back into the first trimester. Gone are the days of energy and productivity. It seems to take all my energy to drag myself from bed in the morning and get the kids off to school. My housework is suffering horribly and I am just too tired to care. On an exciting note, my girlfriend stopped over yesterday and surprised me with the very baby swing that I had wanted and clothes for Liam. It totally made my day. Hard to believe that we are 85 days away from meeting our little man!!!

And I am totally and completely frustrated with Frito Lay as they are WEEKS late getting the W-2's in the mail. GRRRRRR!!! We are usually done and filed by now and waiting anxiously for our deposit. Yet we sit every day, watching for the mailman praying that this will be the day that he brings us the golden ticket. UGH. Remember how patient I am?!?!?!?!??

Well my precious time is up, time to collect Thomas and head home.....till next week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've decided that there is something therapeutic about taking my laptop to McDonald's once a week and drinking coffee and spending some alone time. I admit that I am one of those people who doesn't like to be alone, must be why I have so many children :) But these times are completely enjoyable. Whatever shall I do when our internet is restored at home? Perhaps I'll keep up the tradition and make Thursday mornings my blog time, since I can't seem to get to it any other time!

The end of January is in sight!! Which means one month closer to Liam being here! I will admit that this pregnancy has been full of worry for me. I don't know if it's because I have had 5 healthy, beautiful kids and I think I'm tempting fate or what. I think part of it is because there are women around me that are losing babies and having a hard time having them. I am trying to put Liam in God's hands and know that He loves him so much more than I ever could and therefore will take care of him. It's just been a wild ride emotionally for me. Matt commented on my belly last night saying, "Wow, Liam is BIG for 5 months!" I rolled my eyes and reminded him that I am SEVEN months pregnant, not FIVE! "Oh yeah," was his reply. Oh brother!

So maybe it's just winter or maybe it's a pregnant thing, but I have lost all energy or gumption to get anything done! It's so very frustrating after having a great window of being so productive. I'm praying for it's quick return!!

Hoping today is W-2 day today....come on Mr. Mailman!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seeing as my last post was before Christmas, I guess it's high time for an update :) Not that there's much to update, believe it or not :)

Christmas was really great. The kids were SHOCKED and delighted with their gifts and even though there were MUCH less gifts, they didn't care which warmed my heart. They got some great things, including a trip for my three oldest to see Beauty and the Beast the musical with my parents. Their first real theater experience...ahhhh....there's no going back now! I'm seeing many trips to Chicago in our future. How I pray they inherit my (and my parents) love of theater!! We rounded off the holiday week with a trip to Highland and a visit with Grandma and Grandpa Kurtz. Much fun was had, much Wii was played and many laughs were laughed :)

Now into a new year!!! Our pastor called us to fast and pray this I cannot fast from food due to my little Liam (shucks!) we decided as a family that we would fast from the internet and cable in our home. It has been rough (well the internet part for me anyway!!) Not having immediate access to NECESSARY things like Facebook has been a challenge, but I suppose that is the point! It has created much more family time and much easier transitions to getting ready for school and bed. The kids ask occasionally how much longer we have to wait for "channels" to return....but they are surviving as well. So how am I posting this now, you may ask? Well, I've taken Tuesday mornings as my own and, after I drop Thomas off at school, I head to McDonalds for some coffee and some alone time, with my laptop :) I don't consider this cheating, the challenge was for me to not have it in my home where it's too easy to lose hours on the computer. So live on Tuesday mornings!!

I am feeling pretty well. I was surprised to be having some Braxton Hicks contractions already over the weekend. Guess everything speeds up a bit with your 6th pregnancy and old age :) Having a baby at 30 is so much different than at 22 :) Liam is getting bigger by the day it seems and the kids are loving feeling him kick and punch. Jonah is so excited to have another brother! We're all anxious for his arrival!

My favorite part about January I must admit is it's TAX RETURN TIME!! This is our favorite time of year, besides Christmas. This year holds no cruise, sadly enough :( But Matt and I are escaping to GR for a romantic overnight for Valentine's Day...well kind of. It's also when he'll be getting all his equipment for the Isle Royale Expedition. But I'll take the fancy hotel and the chance for us to get away alone before Liam joins the tribe, even if I have to endure Bill and Paul's!

Well time is up! Back to the land of no internet :)