Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm sad to report that I have not been a good blogger lately. The summer is DRAGGING on....I can hardly believe we still have 13 days till school starts. The kids are at each other's throats despite my best attempts at creative things to do. I find myself lethargic and tired. UGH. ROUTINE WHERE ARE YOU????

To make matters worse, I turn 30 on Friday. I guess it's not really a big deal, I've waited my whole life to be thirty. I was somehow convinced that once I hit that magical age, I'd feel like a grown up. I'm not sure that is going to happen. One bright spot amidst this darkness has been my birthday gift from my husband.....

I am delighted with my new Blackberry. I've spent HOURS playing with it, only after the children are in bed of course. I'm in love with texting on the keyboard and having access to everything when I am away from home. I'm just giddy over it, isn't that silly?

So all in all, life goes one....very slowly, but it is going on. Just wanted you all to know :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FOR TODAY August 18th, 2009…

Outside My Window…
the sun is out! It rained ALL day yesterday so I'm grateful for a day that the kids can play outside!!
I am thinking… how much I am waiting for a phone call!

I am thankful for… my children and how they make me laugh at just the right moments!

From the bedrooms.....the kids are split up in different rooms with different play games going on, wishing I was napping my room :)

From the kitchen…oh how I wish I had a chef....but alas, no such luck. Tonight we are having chicken legs and Julienne potatoes
I am wearing…stretchy capris with a cotton top, hair in ponytail and barefeet, of course!

I am creating...creating??!! Who has time?

I am going…
to hang towels and sheets on the line

I am reading…
nothing right now, we need to go to the library

I am hoping…
that I get the phone call I want today!!

I am hearing… birds chirping, Thomas playing dinosaurs with Jonah, Emma talking to Opee, and Spongebob

Around the house… I am trying to find things to sell in my mom's garage sale. I DESPISE garage sales, but it does help clear out the junk!

One of my favorite things… is that Matt has weekends off now, it really has changed our lives...I love it!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: various Dr. and dentist appointments, trying to get everyone in before school!
Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Jonah playing football, I LOVE it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is moving on....the girls are at camp this week and loving it! I am loving the break in the constant fighting....aaahhh! Jonah is loving football, he's going to be a defensive man I'm sure!!! Pictures to come, if I can take some without humiliating him!

Today, as I was driving the girls to camp, we came to stop light in town. AS we waited for the light to turn green, a truck pulled up next to our van. I glanced over and was HORRIFIED to see a graphic picture of an aborted baby. It sucked my breath away. As I was trying to regroup, the truck turned and there were about 20 people all holding signs with various GRAPHIC pictures of aborted babies, protesting abortion. I starting yelling at the kids to quick close their eyes, but of course they all got glimpses before they got their eyes closed. So after we were through the intersection and they were allowed to open their eyes again, they began with the questions..."Mom, what WAS that??" Into the conversation of abortion we went. The girls were horrified that such a thing was possible. Emma's eyes filled with tears as she asked, "Mom why would someone kill their baby?" AHHHHHHH! We talked about it for a little while longer as I was trying to tell them that, while we don't think abortion is ok, that God loves people who have them. Now those images are burned into their little brains and I am upset that they saw those things. I understand that those people want people to know that abortion is wrong, but isn't' there a line of appropriateness???? My young children should NOT have seen those images. Am I in left field about this, or do you think that what happened was WRONG????

Saturday, August 08, 2009

What a whirlwind the last three weeks have been! First Mancelona Camp, then home to family arriving from all over, my sister getting married remarried, then a week full of sun, fun, and family. So many great memories and so many pictures to share. I'm working on a slide show that I'll post tomorrow...but I'll hit the highlights for you....

- All ten cousins being together...they are a crazy bunch, to be sure. They are all almost the same ages which causes trouble sometimes. But they adore each other. My kids (even tough man Jonah) cried when they left!

- Being with all of my siblings. With my sister and her husband moving to California, the times of all five of us being together gets smaller and smaller. It was so fantastic to be together!

- Getting all dolled up for the wedding, including getting my hair done!

- Watching my baby sister get married.....again :)

- Finding out that my baby sister is having a baby!!!!

- The Father/ Daughter dance, I wept like a baby watching my daddy and my sister dance to "Cinderella". Making me tear up now too....

- Watching the family tear up the dance was hilarious!

- Going to South Haven with my parents, and Tigger and his family. The weather was perfect, there were waves for the kids, and we had a great day!

And now, family time is over which makes me very sad. It's hard to believe that it will most likely be another year before I see my nieces and nephews again. It's hard living far from family.

This coming week promises to be fun however, as my girls head to "Nature Camp" and Jonah starts football (which is a whole other post in itself!). Pictures to come soon!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

My blog is resting...because of this

and this....

My baby sister got married and ALL of us are in town. There are 21 of us in total....22 if you count the new baby that is due in April. So I am very busy loving on my nieces and nephews and spending time with my siblings...catch ya on the flip side :)