Monday, November 30, 2009

I thought for sure I'd have time to update my blog over Thanksgiving, but I guess not :) We weren't terribly busy or even traveling, but the time to sit and update sort of flew over my head.

So our big news is that we are having a BOY!!! We are just delighted, even though we would have bee equally delighted with a girl. It's just nice that now it will be even, three boys, three girls. Jonah was BEYOND excited...jumping up and down and yelling in the ultrasound room and everything! Priceless! The girls are excited too...I don't think they really cared much to begin with! Liam Joshua is the name we've chosen. My brother Josh is extremely happy with our choice of middle name, surprise, surprise. We've gotten our first batch of baby boy blue clothes (thanks Aunt Robin!!!) and are anxious to meet our little Liam.

Thanksgiving was good. My grandparents from New York were here which was fun, we haven't had a holiday with them for as long as I can remember! The table was packed with people and food. It was a blessed day! We got to spend some time with Matt's family as well a few days after Thanksgiving and that was great fun too. Christmas is quickly approaching and I'm in awe of our calendar as the days fill up with concerts, parties, and visits. I'm giddy with excitement over my sister's visit in a few weeks. I'll be posting prego pics of the two of us side by side!! I'm sure she'll be bigger than me.... :) Lots to look forward to this season. And I don't even mind that we don't have snow!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I won't bother apologizing for my lack of blogging. Life is moving on, some days faster than others, truth be told. It's hard to imagine that Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow and that in 6 days we'll know what we are having. Most people think we're having a boy, but we'll see next week. I'm anxious to put a gender to this baby and therefore, a name. We have names picked out but we'll reveal those next week when we know for sure who this is. I'm feeling pretty well, I'm starting to show in earnest now. I've felt the first small stirrings down there and Matt felt him moving for the first time last night. I'm starting to get excited about having a new little one!

This week is insanely busy here. Friday night I am going to see New Moon with my mom. Just writing that sentence makes me laugh out loud. She scoffed at Twilight for the longest time and is now obsessed with Edward (not too tough!) So we will join the throngs of women who will flock on opening night to see the next chapter. *happy sigh* Then I leave early Saturday morning for an all day shopping trip with my ladies group from church. We're headed to Grand Rapids to shop all day. I'm so excited about it! Then, Sunday afternoon, the Waltons are headed to Lansing to see The Christmas Carol in the IMAX. So a very full weekend. But exciting!

Other exciting news, my sister is coming home! We weren't sure that we would get to see her at all before she wasn't allowed to fly. But they found some time to come and that means we get to have a baby shower! I'm so thrilled to celebrate with her on the birth of her first baby. It's so cool when your siblings get to experience the thrill of pregnancy and becoming parents. I have big plans for the shower and can't wait to just sit and talk with her in the same room!! The only downside about this pregnancy is that I won't be able to travel to see her and the baby till much later. We are due only weeks apart from each other. :( But hopefully we'll be able to be together soon after that so I can meet my nephew!

Well I need to make shopping lists for Thanksgiving and get something productive done today :)