Thursday, October 21, 2010


This week's challenge was so fun!

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Man, I suck.....I am on the computer EVERY day! How is it that I cannot remember to blog??? It's not like I don't have anything to say, good grief, Matt tells me to stop talking at least twice a day!!! Note to self: find a way to remind myself to blog

I'm getting excited :) Tomorrow morning I leave with my mom, Aunt, and Grandma to head to Frankenmuth and Birch Run over night. This is the first time I am going away without taking Liam with me. The first time that Matt will have all six kids on his own. I know he'll be fine, he's an old pro. But I'll keep my phone on loud, just in case :)

I started my weight loss program (again) on Monday. So far so good, although I did have a McChicken sandwich yesterday. But I did that helps right??? How I wish there was just a fat cure....but I suppose that wouldn't help change my mindset about food and my relationship to it. It would help if I didn't love sweet stuff so much. Oreos, candy bars,'ll be right back :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

AAAHHHHH!!! So frustrated with myself! I do well and post a few days in a row and then completely forget to post for two days!!! That's it, I'm setting a reminder on my phone to remind me.

I had to borrow a prompt from NaBloPoMo for this morning....what was the first play you ever saw live?

Ahhh, the memories, well first you should know that my parents were both theater majors in college so I grew up with HUGE influences toward theater, musical theater specifically. By the time I was five, there weren't many musicals that I had not seen. Most of my earliest memories revolve around theater and musicals. When I was five, we lived in Pittsburgh PA. My dad was working as a lighting designer for the Pittsburgh Ballet Company. He was allowed to take my brother and I backstage to watch the company perform the Nutcracker Ballet. I remember it being so big, larger than life. The show was breath taking to watch, the costumes were magnificent and the music - unforgettable. What really made my night was when my dad took us to the dressing rooms afterward to meet the dancers. (at this point, I was dead set on becoming a ballerina!) I met the girl who danced Clara who was just a little older than me. And then, I met the Sugar Plum Fairy. She was breath taking, tall, thin and sparkling in her costume. I was speechless. Then I looked down. She had removed her ballet slippers already and her feet were horrific; black and blue, bleeding and swollen. She noticed me staring at her feet and said "The price you pay for being able to dance." AS we walked to the car, I told my dad that I had changed my mind about being a ballerina. Princesses have perfect feet. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


This was a fun one, because there are some faces in my life that I love....

Silly Faces

Handsome, grown up faces

Dirty, little boy faces

Sleeping baby faces

And even grumpy faces....I even love them....well most days!

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

What a gorgeous day! 80 degrees in October! It made watching a football game a tad warm, but who can complain?? I think I may have even gotten a sunburn! WOOHOO!!

Today was Jonah's next to last football game of the season. I was searching for a "Play" theme for the day when I realized I was sitting watching one! Jonah has really come alive as a player this year. I think the new coach has helped a TON! Jonah's skills have improved and he seems much more engaged in the game. His attitude has matured as well, not getting so upset when they lose, etc. I love watching him play. I will admit that I still cringe when I hear their bodies colliding on the field. That sound of crunching helmets and pads worry me a bit, but I feel such pride watching him. What an awesome young man he is turning into.

We also "played" today at my parent's house. We helped Dad close up the pool for winter. Sad day. Means summer is really over. And, of course, you cannot close the pool without a final jump in. So my crazy husband and 4 big kids plus my dad and brother took the final plunge of the season with the water a crazy 59 degrees! It was a fast jump!!! With that, we said good night to the pool. We'll miss it.

A full day of play today with the Kurtzs :)

Friday, October 08, 2010

a fast post today as I have a lot to do...

We are having friends over for dinner tonight. We haven't done this in SOOO long and it feels so great. This family is in our small group at church and we have committed to having dinner together every Friday night. Obviously, there will be weeks with things going on and we won't be able to, but we're gonna try. Now off to try and make the house presentable....see you in a few weeks! LOL

Thursday, October 07, 2010

What a day! I had to take my Thomas man to get his four year old shots. I was a little worried given his past behavior at the doctors (ie, refusing to get on the scale, not letting the doctor touch him, etc.). We made a quick stop at Walgreens on the way and I let him pick out a drink and a candy (hey, I'm not above bribing!) and told him that if he was really brave at the doctor, he could have them. Well, he did amazing. He was so good and did all the required things. He even did great during his was great. As great as watching them stick needles into one of your babies can be :)

Thursdays are my most favorite days of the week. Some people like Fridays, but Thursdays are my most favorite. I know you are curious now :) Thursdays are when I have ladies night. I get to escape as soon as Molli is done with Girl Choir and head to my girlfriend Rhonda's house. There are 5 of us that get together every week and watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. It's not so much about the shows as it is hanging out and being together. It's my night to reconnect and feel like something other than a mom. I look forward to it every week and count down the hours. So my PLAY for the day is my ladies night adult play time!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oh I've failed already! Just got out of the habit of blogging so blogging every day has escaped me. Especially the last two days where Liam has been cutting ANOTHER tooth and it has been miserable. No sleep, nothing getting done, just sitting with a crying baby trying to stay sane. Last night I really hit a wall. Usually I am fairly patient as a mom. But after no sleep and no relief from the crying, I just wanted to run away. Let's face it, I still feel that way this morning.

So as far as PLAY goes this morning, that means that I playing hooky. Hooky from the dishes and messy living room and the millions of loads of laundry that need folding. Hooky from getting dressed and hooky from showering. Well...ok maybe not showering...a long hot shower sounds amazing actually. I'll take Thomas' rubber ducky and then it counts as play right? :)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

So the theme this month for NaBloPoMo is PLAY...this is gonna be fun :)

As I was browsing their site, my eye caught this blog so I clicked on it. Where I discovered the most wonderful thing EVER.....

I was raised by two theater major parents....musicals were my life. I couldn't understand why in fourth grade that no one understood me quoting 1776....didn't everyone watch musicals all the time?? We just got this today in our first day of PLAY and it is AWESOME! Oh my much fun!

So what are you playing today??

Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday morning numbers

1 crying Liam
3 loads of laundry waiting to be folded
10 baby bottles that need washing
4 Kurtz kids at school
9 hours till dinner with friends
10 adorable baby fingers that I love kissing
2 phone calls to make
6 beds to change
2839 texts last month (really? didn't seem like that many!)
84 days till Christmas!!
21 days till my getaway with my mom, aunt and grandma
3 winter coats I need to buy
2 light bulbs that need replacing
12 hair ties that I found on the floor this morning
1 lonely puppy who is missing his Bo friend
3 boxes of dog treats purchased to help appease said lonely puppy
3 football games left this season
1 happy Thomas playing Wii all by himself
and 1 still crying Liam which means
my post is over :)