Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ok, I suck as a blogger. :) Honestly, it's so much easier to blurt something out on FB in .05 seconds than to sit and gather my thoughts to print here. I have things to it worth the time? The short answer is yes. I have found peace, resolution, and a place to speak here. And that is worth carrying on.

There are too many minute details from the last part of my life to share, plus it would be incredibly boring :) So care if I start from fresh? :)

I am currently extremely frustrated. I am trying to figure out why people make certain decisions. I know that, ultimately, everyone is responsible for their own choices. But what do you do when people you love are making STUPID decisions?? Decisions that affect so many more people than just themselves, and yet they cannot see that. I don't know whether to say something or to just watch and see what happens....what would YOU do????

Summer countdown is on, the kids have 9 days of school left. I am anxious for the freedom and yet dreading the lack of routine. I am desperately trying to find a reward/consequence system to implement this summer....does anyone have one that has worked???

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